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May 13, 2016
  • This information is for Build 14 Beta 4 WIP Interim

    For The Smugglers Guild & Opium Smuggling see this page :- Opium Smuggling - A Smugglers Life for Me

    If you want to smuggle contraband – look at the F2 – colonies screen and decide which goods you wish to smuggle on to which island.

    The prices of the goods will not start to be shown until after you have smuggled contraband on a particular island for the first time – the same as the stores will not show prices on the colonies screen until after you have traded at least once with that storekeeper.

    Also talk to a tavern keeper – ask for any news or rumours about the colonies.

    This will open the Tavern News screen with a summary of the stories going round the islands – some of them will tell you about changes to coastguard patrols. To get more details go to the character screen F2 and select Ships Log.

    You should remember that like the goods traded in the stores – the smuggled goods are changing over time as are their prices – due to the actions of other smugglers as well as those of the player.

    Once you have bought your goods from a storekeeper (or you have taken cargo from a captured ship) – go to the island where the goods are contraband and go to the tavern in the town.

    In the tavern one of the people sitting at the tables will be a smugglers agent. (The smugglers agents are NOT in the taverns in Pirate, Smuggler, or Buccaneer Settlements or Tortuga or Turks (Turks has smuggling in some time periods and not in others - depending on whether it is controlled by Pirates or not), or the Pirate Settlement on Nevis)

    Talk to them and they will tell you which beach to go to. - Quest Book Update.

    The 1st time you talk to an agent they will give you a book of useful information about smuggling (Read this carefully ). They will also ask you to check the times of the coastguard patrols.

    If there are soldiers walking or sitting in the tavern – talk to them (if not go out and come back in again) – they should tell you the patrol times for a bribe or by gambling with them.- Quest Book Update.

    If before talking to talking to the soldiers ( or before talking to the smugglers agent ) you talked to the tavern waitress and accepted her offer to spend time with her - then the soldier will believe your story and you won't have to bribe him.

    ALTERNATIVELY - instead of talking to a soldier - if you have an officer with you - talk to him and he should volunteer to go and scout the beach for the coastguard patrol times. He will report back to you in the tavern the following day.( Quest Book Update ) If he does not return you will get a Quest book update saying he was caught by the coastguard. So be aware you can loose this officer.

    Then go back to the smugglers agent and talk to them. (You can go back and talk to the smugglers agent without talking to the soldiers or sending an officer to scout the beach).

    The Smugglers Agent will tell you the beach to go to AND give you the option of continuing with the smuggling or abandoning it, if you think it is going to be too difficult.- Quest Book Update.

    Then go to your ship – ( if you want to move the time closer to the patrol time you have been given, - talk to a crewmember – there is an option in the dialog to change the time by 1, 3 or 8 hours)

    Go to the beach ( you have 7 days to get there ) – there you will find a group of smugglers

    WARNING:- Coastguard soldiers can now arrive on the beach BEFORE you talk to the Smugglers

    – ( suggest you SAVE BEFORE you talk to the smugglers) - talk to them – sell your goods or whatever (there are several dialog options) - once you are finished you will either be able to leave safely – or the coastguard will arrive.- Quest Book Update.

    If the coastguard soldiers arrive, the officer will talk to you, (You can try to get back to your ship and sail away peacefully before this happens) - if the officer talks to you have a choice of fighting or trying to talk your way out of things (bribe).

    Killing the Coastguard soldiers or firing on their ships will damage your relations with their Nation

    If you kill the coastguards remember to loot the bodies (one of them should have a book giving the coastguard patrol schedule for that island). If the smugglers are killed remember to loot their bodies as well - they can have some interesting stuff.

    If you fight the coastguards - then when you go back to your ship to sail away there may be coastguard ships waiting for you that you will have to escape from.

    ALSO - be aware that the coastguard patrol ships can be waiting for you even if the soldiers are not on the beach - so check the Quest Book after you have talked to the smugglers to see if you have been found or not.