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New Horizons Free Play

May 29, 2016
New Horizons Free Play
  • This information relates to Build 14 Beta 4 it may differ from other versions of the game.

    This lets the player select from several predefined characters to play as, these can also be customized, or you can just create your own.

    To customize click on anything on the Free Play Start Screen.

    Some of the Free Play stories also Start with the Tutorial.

    Free Play - General Principles(top)

    At game start on Free Play, you will get the character level defined for the model you selected.

    If nothing is defined, you start at level 5.

    Unless otherwise specified, you start with own nation relations appropriate to your chosen nation and your relations will be tied to that nation.

    This tie can be broken by joining a different nation during the game.

    If you select Personal Nation as starting nation, you'll be neutral to all nations and hostile to the Pirates and your relations will NOT be tied to any other nation.

    Here are the Free Play storyline Player Type differences:


    Always start at the Nevis Pirate Settlement and being hostile to your chosen nation and neutral to the pirates.

    On Arcade Game Mode, you will be friendly to all other nations. On the other realism modes, you'll have your original nation's relations from before your rebelling.

    You will NOT be considered a traitor in non-pirate ports unless you actually decide to join the Pirate Brotherhood at Nevis.

    If you are "Julian McAllister" with nation England, you'll get the "Brave Black Flag" start with custom dialog, extra officers and items.

    A Pirate Rebel will be hostile to ALL nations.

    Naval Officer(top)

    Selecting this at game start is currently the ONLY way to get the "Navy Officer" gameplay as you cannot join the navy during the game at this time.

    You start in a dialog with a nation and period-appropriate naval commander before being reloaded to a naval base of your chosen nation.

    You will get the correct rank for the model you've chosen as defined; If nothing is defined, then you start at rank 3 (Lieutenant for England). - for National Ranks see: New Horizons National Ranks

    You will also get all appropriate promotion rewards for that rank.

    Smugglers start out liking you much less than average.

    The following navy officers get custom ships for some ranks based on their historical/fictional careers:

    • England: "Horatio Hornblower" (all custom),
    • "Jack Aubrey" (all custom),
    • "James Norrington" (HMS Interceptor and HMS Dauntless)
    • "Horatio Nelson" (all custom).
    • Holland: "Michiel de Ruyter" (all custom).
    • America: "Robert Fulton" (Steam Frigate at the correct rank).

    There are custom navy officer models on some ranks and for some nations for the following characters:

    • "Nathaniel Hawk" (England, Spain and France),
    • "Jack Sparrow" (England, Spain and France),
    • "James Norrington" (England),
    • "Horatio Hornblower" (England),
    • "Jack Aubrey" (England)
    • "Julian McAllister" (England).

    Rogue and Gambler(top)

    Regardless of nation, you will get the original "La Croix" opening - see:- Tales of a Chevalier

    There is a different dialog depending on which of these two player types you chose.

    For Gambler, smugglers start out liking you more than average.


    After a custom dialog, you start in a town of a nation you're friendly to, with damage to your ship and only Smuggling goods on board.

    When you start the game you will have this quest : - A Smugglers Life for Me in the Quest Book and some Opium in your Inventory – you can smuggle Opium by talking to the Smuggler in the Tavern if you want – BUT you cannot complete this Quest – to do this Quest you must work for a Governor & be a Naval Officer by occupation or have a Letter of Mark.

    In Beta4-1 only Jean Lafitte will have Opium in his inventory at the start of the game.

    – You can, of course, be a Smuggler by occupation and get a Letter of Mark , then you can start this Quest.

    Jean Lafitte is set to be very friendly to America.


    After a custom dialog, you start in a town hostile to your nation.

    • Jean Lafitte is set to be very friendly to America.
    • "Milady de Winter" gets her orders from Cardinal Richelieu.


    If you are captaining the Flying Dutchman or Cursed Dutchman, you get Davy Jones' chest, will be unable to go ashore and all nations will be hostile to you.

    If this is not the case, you will get the Curse of Cortez instead:-

    You start with a cursed coin and the rest being placed in the Weaponslocker for your crew.

    Some coins will be missing so that you cannot immediately lift the curse at game start (the number depends on the difficulty level).

    You'll have the relations of your chosen nation, start in a random port and have a damaged ship.


    You start with a Letter of Marque from your chosen nation, so this is pretty much a Privateer Start unless you start as a Pirate.

    This normally gives you the default start with the Tutorial and/ or Stormy Start opening, UNLESS your chosen nation does not have an island of its own in the chosen period (applies to England and Holland in Early Explorers). In that case, you start at Tortuga which can be used as a base of operations. If you are hostile to France, you will auto-hoist a pirate flag to ensure Tortuga's cooperation.

    In Early Explorers, you get a period-appropriate blade and a Blade Care Kit.

    • If you are "José Joaquín Almeida" and it exists in your chosen period, you'll be serving America rather than your chosen nation.
    • If you are Francis Drake, you'll get the appropriate sword and the "Revenge" at appropriate promotions.

    For Marine, smugglers start out liking you less than average.


    All other player types start with the default Tutorial and/ or Stormy Start opening.

    If your chosen nation does not have an island of its own in the chosen period (applies to England and Holland in Early Explorers), you'll start at the Nevis Pirate Settlement and will be neutral with the Pirates so that you have a safe haven.

    Of course all the above also get different starting items and skills depending on Player Type.

    For example, a Merchant will be given an expensive "Merchant Passport" item for free at game start.

    The custom skills and starting items apply to the Standard Storyline player type selection as well as to the Naval Officer and Cursed starts (partly).

    However, the custom starts and different nation relations for certain Player Types do not take effect for the Standard Storyline as these are unique to Free Play.

    Historical Periods(top)

    We have the following periods available:

    • Early Explorers: 1500 till 1599
    • The Spanish Main: 1600 till 1679
    • Golden Age of Piracy: 1680 till 1739
    • Colonial Powers: 1740 till 1769
    • Revolutions: 1770 till 1789
    • Napoleonic: 1790 till 1820

    Predefined characters (top)

    Character Type Period Title
    Julian McAllister Rebel Golden Age of Piracy Brave Black Flag
    Milady de Winter Agent The Spanish Main Spy and Assassin
    Laurens de Graaf Corsair Golden Age of Piracy Scourge of the West
    Francis Drake Corsair Early Explorers Disturb us, Lord
    Elizabeth Swann Beta 4-1 Social Climber Colonial Powers Out of the Frying Pan ...
    Jean-Baptiste du Casse Naval Officer Golden Age of Piracy War of the League of Augsburg
    Francisco de Almeida Naval Officer Early Explorers The Portuguese Armada
    Jack Aubrey Naval Officer Napoleonic Master & Commander
    Hector Barbossa Cursed Colonial Powers The Curse of Cortez
    Beatrice Devlin Explorer Early Explorers Caribbean Tales
    Blackbeard Corsair Colonial Powers No Quarter
    Jean Lafitte Smuggler Napoleonic The Buccaneer
    Henri Caesar Rebel Napoleonic The Haitian Revolution
    Horatio Nelson Naval Officer Revolutions Nelson’s First Command
    Danielle Green Adventurer Golden Age of Piracy A Lady Scorned
    Davy Jones Cursed The Spanish Main Lord of the Sea
    Blaze Devlin Corsair Early Explorers Age of Pirates
    Jean de la Croix Rogue Golden Age of Piracy Tales of a Chevallier
    James Norrington Naval Officer Colonial Powers A Fine Gentleman
    Michiel de Ruyter Naval Officer The Spanish Main Bestevaer
    Sao Feng Corsair Colonial Powers Crouching Tiger, Sailing Dragon
    Robert Fulton Engineer Napoleonic Age of Steam
    Jose Gaspar Sailor Revolutions The Legend of Gasparilla
    Jose Almeida Corsair Napoleonic Rustic Sea Wolf
    Carrera de la Vega Naval Officer Napoleonic The Might of Spain
    John Paul Jones Naval Officer Revolutions The American Revolution
    Will Turner Sword Master Colonial Powers A Touch of Destiny
    Cutler Beckett Merchant Colonial Powers Just Good Business

    Side Quests(top)

    All the Side Quests are available in the Free Play story,

    EXCEPT :- If you are Playing in the Early Explorers period then the following Side quests are not available

    A complete list of Side Quests is given here: Side Quests