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New Horizons International Relations

Nov 25, 2015
New Horizons International Relations
  • This information is for Build 14 Beta 4

    The information can be found in game in a book called The Art Of War - the player is usually given this book at the start of the game, or can find it in the chest in the Captain's Cabin.

    International Relations:(top)

    Gaining points with any nation requires joining their ranks as a privateer or navy officer or joining the Pirate Brotherhood. As long as you serve a single nation, your own relations are tied to that nation. While you can join as many nations as you wish at the same time, this does reduce the points you gain from your actions.

    The nations of the world object to any actions against their allies. It is therefore important to keep up-to-date with the tavern news. This may become especially complicated if you serve multiple nations at the same time.

    Hostility at Sea:(top)

    Forts and ships at sea may be hostile to you for any of the following reasons:

    • They are hostile to the nation whose flag you're flying
    • They are hostile to you personally and have recognized you flying a false flag
    • They remember you being hostile from a previous encounter
    • You have deliberately opened fire upon them

    Deliberately firing on friendly ships or accidentally hitting them reduces your reputation.

    Unrespectable Acts:(top)

    Depending on the situation, you may be committing an unrespectable acts when you capture or sink any non-pirate ships. The following are considered as such by the civilized nations of the world and are listed in order of severity:

    • You had no Letter of Marque or navy commission and therefore no legal reason for the attack
    • You were flying a pirate flag
    • You attacked a nation you were neutral or friendly with
    • You were flying a flag friendly to the ship you attacked

    Depending on the severity of your actions, you may be recognized as a traitor in non-pirate towns. For common unrespectable acts, this may take a while. However, large offences are considered an act of piracy and affect your relations with all nations.

    It is always possible to hoist another flag in battle, which could mean the difference between your actions being considered legal or a major act of piracy. It serves to be careful especially when being recognized for flying a false flag.