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New Horizons Quests

May 15, 2017
New Horizons Quests
  • This information relates to Build 14 Beta 4 it may differ from other versions of the game.

    Main Story Quests(top)

    As well as the Main Quest from the original game, Pirates of the Caribbean: New Horizons adds several new long main story quests and also has a main story quest dedicated solely to Free Play for those who wish to do their own thing.

    There is a short Tutorial at the start of the Tales of a Sea Hawk and some of the Free Play stories for those who wish to learn the basic game mechanics.

    The Main Stories include the following:-

    Tales of a Sea Hawk – The adventures of Nathaniel Hawk (the original game main quest) - also starts with a short Tutorial.

    Free Play - For those who wish to do their own thing without the restrictions of a story - the side quests listed below are still available or can be ignored.

    The Gold Bug – A puzzle solving Treasure Hunt based on the short story by Edgar Allan Poe

    Assassin – The Life and Times of Johan Elting

    Bartolomeu o Portuguese – The Adventures of a Famous Buccaneer

    The Chronicles of Horatio Hornblower – Based on the books and films of his early Naval Adventures

    Hoist the Colours – The Life of a certain Capt. J. Sparrow

    Woodes Rodgers – A puzzle solving story based on the life of the famous Governor of Barbados and the lives of some notorious Pirates.

    Ardent – Piracy and adventure in the Golden Age with a choice of two characters.

    The Devlin Opera - This main story is Unfinished/Abandoned and has to be selected when the mod is installed for it to be present and playable.

    You can find walkthroughs and details of the Main Story Quests by clicking on the links above

    Side Quests (top)

    There are also many short story quests (or Side Quests) in the game. Most of these are from the original game, but several new ones have been added.

    A complete list of Side Quests is given here: Side Quests

    While most of the Side Quests are available in the Free Play story (only from Beta 3.5), some may not be available in certain time periods; and in the other stories, due to potential code conflicts.

    To see which ones are NOT available in a story, look at Side Quests or the individual Main Story Walkthrough

    General Quests (top)

    These are tasks that you can get by talking to certain types of characters you meet in the game. Or in some cases by doing certain things.

    They are available in ALL stories BUT you are advised NOT to play them in Woodes Rogers and Chronicles of Horatio Hornblower( until after you have completed the Main Story).

    1. Borrow Money from a Loan shark ( useful but risky if you need money in a hurry )
    2. Capturing Colonies
    3. Deliver a Cargo for a Store Owner
    4. Escort a Merchant to another Island
    5. Fetching Items for a Tradesman
    6. Ship Hunting for a Governor
    7. Smuggling
    8. Treasure Quests