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Feb 15, 2015
  • Adding Extra Dialog Files
    Go back to modding

    Just a quick explantion:
    you can add dialog files like this in the character init:

    ch.Dialog.Filename = "Claudio Burrieza_dialog.c";
    ch.Dialog.Filename.GroupDialog = "taverns.c"; //Added by Levis
    you can call the sub filename whatever you want.
    In the dialog file you can use l1 and l2 etc as links.
    the game will sort them and add them together.
    if you want to overwrite an option you can use a1 for example to overwrite option 1.
    besides that the dialog file should be the same
    only dont include the line

    this is now already managed somewhere else so could actually be removed from all dialog files.

    Dialog files from storylines will still overwrite the normal dialog files, as do characters. So if a group dialog file is set for a character normally it wont show up in the storyline if the character is changed there.
    But the beauty is that say you want to add some quest related things to the character everywhere you can use this and if the charcter isn't set differently in that storyline the options will be added even tough they have another dialog file in the storyline (granted the same notes are used of cours).

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