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Woodes Rogers

Aug 28, 2015
Woodes Rogers
  • This story is released with Build 14 Beta 2 - it is not available for earlier versions of the New Horizons Build Mod

    This walkthrough works using Build 14 Beta 02 it may differ from other versions

    The Story:

    You start as the marooned pirate Howard Pyle on an empty island. Later you are handed over to the retired Governor Woodes Rogers. This turns out to be a great opportunity for you. He sends you to save his daughter who has been kidnapped.

    After saving the girl Rogers wants to test you a little and gives six small missions to get the six-parted reward. Every one a little bit more difficult than the other. This means exploring Rogers very large residence which is spread around the Port Royale tavern. And a final seventh out on the Governors prize ships. There is a story behind those reward items which may point to another quest .... Now Rogers officers & crew turn against their boss & kill him in their search for ... They are after you as well.

    You are lucky(?) to run right into Charles Vane and his captains in their hideout in an old church ruin. Vane forces you to do a mission for them, but that shows up to be something good. Last in the quest you take help from Vane and defeat Rogers crew. Final in Caroline's drawing room with the loyal friends. The quest is over when the guy with the bad Swedish accent arrives.

    The Game Style:

    My intentions have been to add new things regarding locations, items, weapons, characters, secrets and stories. The storyline is loaded with puzzles in the style of Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis and the Monkey Island series and this differs from other quests.

    Just for fun there are references to literature and to living persons.

    Some of the characters are real, others not. You decide.

    Reincarnation is often disabled so save often.




    Marooned Island(top)

    • Push the floating tree to the shore.
    • Use it to get to the Second Island.

    Shipwreck Island(top)

    The logs(top)

    You notice that there are four logs in a place. You can build a Raft by collecting more logs.

    • One log is just outside the palisade. Pick it up and bring it to the depot.
    • Another one is under the water surface in the area between the palisade and the cave.
    • It is possible to get two more logs. They can be taken from the palisade itself, but you need a tool to loosen them. The pickaxe is in the log-house.
    • When you have all eight logs arrange them side by side.

    The rope(top)

    • Search the Wreck. In one of the chest you find a Spade.
    • Use the Spade to dig up a buried Pirate in the Cave.
    • Loot him and get the Knife.
    • Use the Knife in the Wreck’s rigging to cut off a Rope.
    • Use the Rope to finish the Raft.
    • Put the Raft in the water.
    • Push it to the shore.
    • Leave the Shipwreck Island.


    • You are held prisoner in a Warship’s hold. Try all exits. When you wake up they are going to escort you to Governor Woodes Rogers.
    • Go to the Tavern entrance and Woodes Rogers starts talking to you from the balcony.

    The Mission: Save the girl(top)

    Quest start Port Royal(top)

    • Join him and get the Mission: Save his daughter who has disappeared N.E of Guadeloupe.
    • Examine the Map in the Sloops Cabin: That would be Nevis. Go there!


    • Talk to any citizen: The girl is sold to the Brothel.

    The Brothel(top)

    • Talk to Caroline K in the Brothel and agree to help her.
    • Mistress arrives from the upper floor. Talk to her and choose Caroline.
    • When leaving the Brothel don’t try to fight the Brothel thugs or Mistress, you can’t win. Just be very quick and leave through the window.

    On the Roofs(top)

    • After jumping to the first roof defeat the guy who is following close behind you.
    • When you have jumped to the terrace, another guy is throwing knifes at you – no problem – Caroline takes care of him.

    Empty Store(top)

    • Check the front door.
    • Jump over the counter by going near it and check the back door.
    • Climb via the chair up on the shelf to get to the Musketoon.

    Terrace ambush(top)

    • Be careful when you enter the terrace again: Three thugs attack from above.
    • Shoot the middle one, he’s most dangerous as he’s got a pistol.
    • Never mind the left one, he’s Caroline’s. But it’s up to you to defeat the right one.

    On the ground(top)

    • Mistress climbs over the fence and attacks you. Don’t waste your time fencing with her, use the Musketoon!

    In the Store with Blowhorn(top)

    • Don’t try to kill him!
    • After checking all other alternatives, make an agreement with Blowhorn.
    • Do accept his offer to buy some monk’s outfits – you will be killed upstairs else.


    • Forget all chances to survive any fighting, run very fast to the stairs and the roof instead.

    The Shipyard puzzle(top)

    • Start with removing a sack and a basket from one chest and a piece of wood from another.
    • Removing the Barrel from the sofa makes it possible to push the Beam a little to the left.

    The Carpenter’s Chest(top)

    • A Chestkey is found in the bookshelf.
    • The Chestey is to the upper of the two chest stacked on each other.
    • Inside the chest is an Ordinary Key and a Bucket of Tar.
    • After getting rid of the heavy Tar you can pick up the Carpenter’s Chest (and equip it).
    • Now it’s time to fill it up with carpenter tools (there are six to be found in the shipyard).

    1) The Lever Tool(top)

    • Now when you have the Carpenter’s Chest you can take the Lever Tool from the cupboard near the door.
    • Use the Lever Tool on the heavy piece of wood blocking the small writing desk.
    • When the Desk is free, unlock it with the Ordinary Key.
    • Inside is another Chestkey that goes to the Chest that was under the Carpenter’s Chest. It doesn’t help, the chest lid is stuck.

    2) The Hammer(top)

    • Push Blowhorn aside and take his Cutlass.
    • Use it on the basket chest near the door and get the Hammer.

    3) The Drill(top)

    • Use the Hammer on the stuck chest and find the Drill.

    4) The Saw(top)

    • Use the Drill on the remaining Barrel.
    • When it’s empty, remove it.
    • Now you can push the Beam a little further to the left. This makes another cupboard visible.
    • Push Nickerson and take his Dagger.
    • Use it to bend open the cupboard door: You find the Saw.

    5) The Axe(top)

    • Use the Saw on what is in front of the door and tear it down. The noise awakens Caroline:
    • She advises you to search Nickerson. You find a Large Key on him.
    • Now go to the chest in the corner with two locks.
    • Start with pushing the Beam back to the right as far as possible. (Two steps)
    • Use the Large Key on one of the locks.
    • To the other lock you’ll need the Ordinary Key. Go get it from the cupboard. Pick up the Axe.

    6) The Compasses(top)

    • Use the Axe on the mast-looking thing blocking the chest of drawers.
    • Then remove that large piece of wood. You find the Compasses.
    • Use them as lockpick tools on the door.

    The Nevis Town Gate(top)

    • Go to the gate but it’s closed.
    • Climb after Caroline up the ladder. Mistress attacks but is shot by Caroline.
    • The Coastbrother’s Admiral climbs too and you have to ’kill’ him.
    • After the gunpowder explosion go to Port Royal.

    Quest Continues In: (top)

    Woodes Rogers (02) - The Reward Parts 1 to 4

    Woodes Rogers (03) - The Reward Part 5

    Woodes Rogers (04) - The Reward Part 6

    Woodes Rogers (05) - The Medicine Chest

    Woodes Rogers (06) - The Last Reward

    Woodes Rogers (07) - Long Run to Vanes Hideout

    Woodes Rogers (08) - Cave Shore

    Woodes Rogers (09) - Revenge

    Woodes Rogers (10) - The End