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Woodes Rogers (07) - Long Run to Vanes Hideout

Feb 4, 2015
Woodes Rogers (07) - Long Run to Vanes Hideout

  • Port attack(top)

    • Six of Rogers’ crew are waiting to ambush you. Use your new pistols (your only weapon) before they get to close. Loot them.
    • Continue all the way back to the Shipyard Shore where Claire shows the way to Defoe’s Cabin.
    • Trade some documents for an Ammobag. Go to the Shipyard.

    Shipyard attack(top)

    • You learn from Caroline how to use a heavy pistol as a club.
    • Enemies attack from the door and from the loft.
    • When all are defeated the Carpenter attacks you.
    • Take his plank as a weapon when he’s dead.
    • You are locked in here so you have to try the ladder to the loft.

    Roof lever(top)

    • Reaching the other side of the bridge the Quartermaster tries to fire at you.
    • Press the lever to remove the bridge and the Officer falls down. Do this before he has time to shoot at you.

    Shop attack(top)

    • You learn from Grandma how to throw empty pistols on your enemies.
    • Many enemies attack you. After a while you’ll get help from Dave and Grandma.
    • Take back your thrown pistols from the dead guys. Also pick up the Pole from the Gunner.
    • Continue now through the Loanshark, the Loanshark cellar, the Mine, the Food cellar, the Kitchen and the Bootyroom.
    • Go upstairs – it’s open now to Friday’s room.
    • After dialog here follow Selkirk to the entrance to the Rogers’ Wine cellar.

    Rogers’ Wine cellar(top)

    It’s flooded, you’re locked in and no other exit is visible.

    • Find the Lever to the right: the water is pumped out.
    • To the left a hole in the brick wall is now visible. Going near it activate the enemies waiting to ambush you. Don’t try to fight them, they are far too many for you.
    • Run as fast as you can back to the Lever: when the cellar is flooded again the enemies are drowning.
    • Now use the Lever once more and it’s open to the next location.

    Church Wine cellar(top)

    The cellar gets flooded short after your arrival.

    Exploring the Cellar(top)

    • 1. There is an exit at the top of the stairs.
    • 2. Some empty chests.
    • 3. Three locked ‘prison’ doors.
    • 4. A large Barrel filled with Wine.
    • 5. A steplock that opens the door but only for a limited time.
    • 6. Most important: A Lever behind some barrels in the main passage.

    The Elevator and the Barrel(top)

    • Press the Lever: Water out. A Barrel on top of an Elevator (at the floor) gets visible.
    • Pour out the liquid.
    • Press the Lever: Water in. The Elevator with the Barrel is now floating.
    • A Rope from above is now in reach. Fasten the Rope.
    • Press the Lever: Water out. A steplock in the floor is under the Elevator but you can’t reach it.
    • Water in: Loosen the Rope.
    • Water out: When the Elevator and the Barrel are on the floor again, walk around to the backside of the Barrel and push it off the Elevator.
    • Water in: the Elevator is floating and so is the Barrel. Fasten the Rope.
    • Water out: the Elevator is in the air, the Barrel on the floor. Push the Barrel in under the Elevator.
    • Water in: Loosen the Rope.
    • Water out: the Elevator goes down on the Barrel on the steplock. The three ‘prison’ doors are opened.

    Leaving the Cellar(top)

    • Pick up two empty bottles in the two unlocked ‘cells’.
    • Fill them up with Wine from the large Barrel.
    • Pass the Steplock near the Wine Barrel, take the shortcut through the unlocked ‘prison’ door and go up the stairs.
    • The Boatswain attacks you. Your Gunpowder is wet so forget the pistols. Defeat the Boatswain and take his Anchor as a heavy weapon.
    • If needed repeat walking over the steplock to open to the Church Choir room.

    Church Choir room(top)

    Many locked chests and cupboards. A clock that doesn’t work. Some musical instruments.

    • Continue to the Church. After dialog with Father Bernard return to the Choir room.
    • Try both violins, from one of them a small lockpick tool falls to the floor.
    • Use the Lockpick on the last chest inside the gate. Pick up the Handle.
    • Use the Handle on the cupboard outside the gate. Pick up the Ladder.
    • Place the Ladder on the heavy chest. Climb to reach the chest on top of the largest cupboard. Pick up the Knife.
    • Use the Knife to pry open the cupboard in the corner (inside the gate). Pick up the Oilbottle.
    • Use the Oilbottle on the rusty heavy chest.
    • Remove the Ladder from it too.
    • Pick up the Key. The other five objects (church treasure items) can’t be taken yet. You’ll need something to carry them with.
    • Use the Key to wind up the Clock. When the Clock strikes (3) the doors to the largest cupboard are opened. Pick up the many Red Outfits and the Sack.
    • Use the Sack to grab all the Church treasures.
    • Go to the Church and after dialog with Father Bernard continue to the Crypt.

    Continue to Vane’s(top)

    The Crypt(top)

    • Try to avoid going too close the Mummies. At the end of the Crypt you can’t avoid it. Just be quick and get out of there, there is no chance to defeat the Mummies.

    The Temple(top)

    • Go through the Temple to the stairs in the room behind the Throne.
    • Continue through the Chapel, the Chapel stairs, the Church, The Attic stairs to the Attic.

    Collection box(top)

    • The Attic is empty but Charles Vane arrives soon after you. After a dialog follow him down to the Church.
    • The problem with the missing coins is presented for you. You have to visit each one of the five Pirate Leaders (Vane included) and sell Church treasures to them. You are going to need money to buy coins from other Captains (outside) later.
    • 1. Vane in the Sacristy buys the Jewel Cross. He also shows you the Scales.
    • 2. Roberts in the Attic buys the Censer.
    • 3. Rackham in the Attic stairs (by the fire) buys the Silver Candelabra.
    • 4. Taylor outside the church main entrance buys the Golden Goblet.
    • 5. La Buze downstairs outside the Chapel buys the Reliquary.
    • As a help to solve this puzzle there is an Excel helpfile (to print) hidden in RESOURCE/INI/TEXTS/ENGLISH/Storyline/WoodesRogers/Questbook
    • Go outside and talk to the Pirate Captains. Some of them give you hints about the coins. The five hints are stored in the questbook.
    • Others sell coins. The portuguese gold coin is too large and one Arabic silver coin is too small.If you try to weight the Spanish pieces-of-eight on the scales in the sacristy you find out they differ too much in weight to be useful.
    • These seven are the right coins:
    • 1. French gold coin (Dulaien)
    • 2. Spanish gold coin (Wynn)
    • 3. Dutch round silver coin (Worley)
    • 4. Arabic silver coin of normal size (Exquemelin)
    • 5. Chinese brass coin (Quelch)
    • 6. Swedish copper coin (Moody)
    • 7. English small silver coin (Read)
    • Place them in the Collection box. The small ship goes down a bit. You can reach it from the Pulpit. The Lever has three positions:
    • 1. Stern (start): Church main entrance is open to outside.
    • 2. Midships: Sacristy to outside.
    • 3. Prow: Sacristy, a secret exit. Choose this one!