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Woodes Rogers (03) - The Reward Part 5

Feb 4, 2015
Woodes Rogers (03) - The Reward Part 5

  • Library(top)

    * The only open way in is via the Terrace. (The Monkey shows the way)

    • You get six books from Selkirk: Place the Geography, the Economics and the Shipbuilding Books in their right places.
    • Press the lever and a new door becomes visible.
    • Check the door – but it’s locked.
    • When Dover returns go to the Residence.


    There is a small pearl in the “Jewelry” shelf.

    • Place the Law Book and take the History Book.


    • Use the lever to bring the History shelf up again.
    • Place the History Book. (The Gunroom door unlocks)
    • Bring the shelf down again and go down to the Gunroom.

    Gunroom (1)(top)

    Talking to Dampier gives you a book to repair.

    Check the distillery functions:(top)

    • Light the fire with your pistol – wood and oxygen are needed.

    Damper – three positions.

    Water Tank – empty.

    Water Wheel – no effect.

    • Molasses Tank – empty. Go to the Library.


    • When some of the scaffolds are removed it means access is enabled to “Sea Battles”.
    • Place that book there and pick up the Medicine Book.
    • Now place the Medicine Book. You find a note there.
    • Follow Rogers into his Study.

    Study (1)(top)

    • Pick up the Wood near the door.
    • Place the “Gold Bug” book and take the Mercury Book.
    • Find the Glue to the left of the desk.
    • Repair the Dampier Book by picking up the picture of Dampier from “Documents”. (scrolls etc to the right) Then go to the Gunroom

    Gunroom (2)(top)

    • Place the Wood in the fireplace.
    • Light the fire by using your pistol. Go to the Study again.

    Study (2)(top)

    • Talk to Thomas Dover. He gives you three more books: Poetry, Erotica and Chemistry. Also a Chain with Handcuffs. Go to the Library.


    • Stop the shelf at the lever to go down with the Chain and Handcuffs.
    • Place the Chemistry Book and find a small Chest key. Go to the Study

    Study (2 continue)(top)

    • Unlock the Chest and equip yourself with two Bottles of Molasses. Go to the Library.


    Now it’s impossible to get to the lever as the Chain and Handcuffs still are blocking the shelf.

    • Walk around until Friday arrives. He comes from some place downstairs.
    • Check and you’ll see that the door to the subject “Erotica” is open.
    • Place the Lolita Book and take instead the Corkscrews.
    • Use the Corkscrews as Lockpick Tools and remove the Chain. Go to the Gunroom.

    Gunroom (3)(top)

    • Fill up the Molasses Tank with the two Bottles.
    • When the Bartender has arrived: Order Water from him.
    • Fill up the Water Tank with the two Buckets.
    • Now try the Water Wheel on the barrel: It starts or stops the water circulation.

    The officers order you to bring Rogers the History Book. Exit to Library.


    • Use the lever to make the History shelf visible again.
    • Pick up ‘Johnson’ and go to the study.

    Study (3)(top)

    • Give the History Book to Rogers and go back to the Library.


    The Gunner is there busy studying the poetry Books.

    • Place your Poetry Book and try to pick up the small Collection of Books.
    • Walk around the Library until Selkirk arrives. He gives a sack to you in exchange for the glasses.
    • Now pick up the Collection of Books.
    • It is impossible to go to the Gunroom the ordinary way so follow instead the Gunner.

    Gunroom (4)(top)

    • Place the Collection of Books in the Fireplace as Wood.
    • Light the fire with your pistol.
    • Check that the Cooling Water is turned off.
    • Turn the Damper to maximum heat.
    • When the boiling starts turn the Cooling Water on. Distillery process starts.
    • When distillation is finished, pick up the filled Rum Barrel and the Key. Exit to the Library.


    • All doors are locked but try the upper door to the Attic: A drunkard named Windem opens it.
    • Go to his room.

    Windem’s Room(top)

    • The hatch in the corner is open. Fall down to Tavern Storeroom.

    Tavern Storeroom(top)

    • Use the Key on the door to Town.
    • Enter Rogers’ Shop.

    Rogers’ Shop(top)

    • Press the Lever in the shop near the Clock to bring the elevator down to Dave’s room.
    • Go up to Grandma’s Room.

    Grandma’s Room(top)

    • Place the Rum Barrel on the steplock in the corner. This opens the exit in the Shop Office.

    Shop Office(top)

    • Use the ladder and step out on the roofs. Pistol 5 is in the Shipyard loft. Exit to Town