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Gold Bug

Oct 16, 2015
Gold Bug
  • The Gold Bug Part 1

    This story is only available from Build 14 beta 4

    This walkthrough was done with Build 14 Beta 4 it may differ from other versions of the game

    This story is a puzzle solving Treasure Hunt based on the short story by Edgar Allan Poe

    Side Quests are NOT available in this story

    Sullivan Island(top)

    First shore(top)

    • Turn cheatmode on in InternalSettings.h to get access to the wreck for possible jump starts.
    • Pick up the four birds.
    • Continue to the next shore via the room in the wreck.

    Second shore(top)

    • Pick up the six shells.
    • Continue to the next shore from the end of this shore. From the water or from land.

    Third shore(top)

    • Try to pick up the Gold-Bug.
    • Find a piece of dirty paper near the boat.
    • Use it to pick up the Gold-Bug.
    • Continue until you meet Lieutenant G.

    Legrands hut(top)

    • Enter the house.
    • Go upstairs to the kitchen and Mr Poe talks to you.
    • Find Ink & Pen on the wall opposite to the bed.
    • Find a Tinderbox in the chest at the bed.

    Fireplace (start)(top)

    • The damper has three positions: open (vertical), semi open (45 degrees) and closed (horizontal).
    • The fire can be extinct, glowing, small fire, big fire.
    • To reveal the secrets of the Parchment set the damper to open and step on the air-pedal twice to get big fire.
    • Stand close to the fire and “draw” the Parchment (F3 + F3). The heat will make a skull + a goat (!?) visible. Jupiter returns home and informs you about the cauldron.

    Legrand’s backyard(top)

    • Go downstairs and pick up the Cauldron from the chests.
    • Fill it up with water at the well on the Backyard.

    Fireplace (cauldron)(top)

    • Go upstairs and place it in the fireplace.
    • Increase the fire to max.
    • Turn out the fire by closing the damper. (cough)
    • Place the Parchment in the warm water.
    • Pick up the clean Parchment.
    • Equip the Tinderbox and light the fire again (F3 + fire pistol).
    • Increase the fire to max.
    • Stand close to the fire and “draw” the Parchment (F3 + F3). Part of a text is now visible.
    • Enough for today. Go to sleep in the Bedroom.

    Fireplace (prepare the plate)(top)

    • Go to the Fireplace to continue – but there’s no wood left.
    • Go near Jupiter to wake him up and send him to the Boathouse for more wood. He also informs you about the Oven-proof dish in the Food cellar.
    • Go downstairs to find the Key on the table.
    • In the Cellar remove a basket from the chest where the Plate can be found.
    • Place the Plate on the Cauldron upstairs -
    • - and the Parchment on top of that. Switch to Jupiter.

    Legrand’s boathouse(top)

    • Go to the next jungle location (not the shores).
    • Take to the left (straight on will be to Moultrie Village).
    • In the Boathouse you find a Sack of Wood.
    • Return home and place the Wood in the Fireplace. Switch to Legrand.

    Fireplace (plate)(top)

    • Light the fire.
    • Increase the fire to max.
    • Turn out the fire.
    • Pick up the Parchment. The full text is visible.
    • You’ll need a paper to copy this text before it vanishes again. Search Jupiter downstairs in the Food Cellar and send him to Moultrie Village to buy some. Switch to Jupiter.

    Jupiter’s paper mission(top)

    • Pick up the Big Fish.
    • Go to the next jungle location and then straight on to the Village.
    • The Restaurant is the first house to the right.
    • Trade the Big Fish for a bottle of Cognac.
    • Go behind the counter to the Restaurant Kitchen.
    • Find an empty bottle here.
    • Fill it up with Cognac from the big barrel in the Restaurant.
    • Go downstairs and get the Gold-Bug back from Lieutenant G.
    • Next house to the right is the Store.
    • Trade the Cognac for a pack of Bed Linen.
    • Find them in the inner room.
    • The Hotel is the building opposite to the Gate.
    • Hire a room for the Bed Linen.
    • Go upstairs and find the Letter-paper.
    • Return home and give the items to Legrand in his bedroom.

    Jupiter’s wood mission(top)

    • You’re out of wood again. Go to the Shores.
    • On the first shore – 4 wood, on the second – 3 wood and on the last shore – 2 wood.
    • Return home and place the Wood in the Fireplace. Switch to Legrand.

    Fireplace (repeat)(top)

    • Light the fire.
    • Increase the fire to max.
    • Turn out the fire.
    • Pick up the Parchment. The full text is visible and you copy it. It makes no sense.
    • Go downstairs and get a piece of paper from Jupiter. Examine it.

    Fort Moultrie (book)(top)

    • Go to the Village and try enter the Fort. The password is “Raven”.
    • Lieutenant G is in the North Tower but it’s locked.
    • Try the East Tower and go upstairs.
    • Walk on the walls to the North Tower.
    • Downstairs you get the Key to Lieutenant G’s house.
    • Unlock and enter the house. Upstairs you find the Cipher Book.
    • Leaving the Village you notice two Tipis. Talk to the Medicine Woman and get a Medicine Bag.
    • Return home and examine the Cipher Book: hints about “E” and “THE”.
    • Examine the Medicine Bag: There’s an Excel-file in RESOURCE/INI/TEXTS/ENGLISH/Storyline/GoldBug/Questbook.

    Cipher (Lieutenant G)(top)

    • The lines in italics are optional.
    • Save the game and exit. Open the excel-file.
    • Find the most frequent letter. 8 which should be “E”. Type in E in B9.
    • Find a repeated sequence of three letters. ;48 which should be “THE”. Type in T in J6 and H in B6. Save. Load the Game.
    • Exit the house. Lieutenant G asks which symbol is “E”. 8.
    • Lieutenant G asks which symbols are “T” and “H”. ; and 4.
    • You need help from Poe in Charleston so go to the outside of Moultrie Village and take to the right to the shore.

    For the next part of the story : The Gold Bug Part 2 - Charleston