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Gold Bug Part 2

Oct 7, 2015
Gold Bug Part 2
  • The Gold Bug Part 2


    Cipher (Poe)(top)

    • Go by boat to Charleston Port.
    • Enter the Town. You’re looking for the Gate to Mr Poe’s house. Just go straight on over the town square.
    • Enter the house and go upstairs.
    • Enter Poe’s bedroom and sit down in the armchair.
    • Poe gives you that ( = “R”.
    • Save and exit. Excel: type in R in J10.
    • Look for this : THE TREE THR---H THE
    • Type in X = “O”, ? = “U” and 3 = “G”. Save. Load the Game.
    • The letters Poe asks for are “O”, “U” and “G”.
    • Jupiter finds out that T = “D” and ) = “S”.

    Auguste Dupin(top)

    • Leave Poe’s house and go back to the Port Gate.
    • Coming from the Port the Detective’s house is the first to the right.
    • Enter and accept a small mission for Mr Dupin: find his Keys and the six items to the Detective Toolkit.
    • Item#1 is found in the chest behind Dupin.
    • Leave the Office via the balcony and go on to Mr Dupin’s private room.
    • Item#2 is found in the basket style chest.
    • In a drawer you find a Hairpin.
    • Use it to open the Toolkit and remove the Keys.
    • Open the floor hatch with the Lever beside the door.
    • Go down to the Opium Den. Use the Keys to open three locked chests. You find item#3, item#4 and a bottle with Antidote.
    • Leave the Den and go to the entrance to the detective Agency. A chest beside the short stair contains item#5.
    • Enter the Office again. In a chest to the left you find item#6.
    • Equip the Toolkit and close it.

    Cipher (Dupin/Fersen)(top)

    • Dupin shows you that 5 = “A”.
    • Looking at the word THIRTEEN gives you 6 = “I” and * = “N”. Here Dupin advices you to go to excel.
    • In the excel-file you can find the word GLASS so O = “L”.
    • Also MINUTES which gives 9 = “M”.
    • Leave the detective and meet Axel von Fersen outside.
    • You guess that R = “V”.
    • Further excel-studies gives 2 = “B”, . = “P” and _ = “C”. (fanfare)
    • The cipher is solved but makes no sense. Go to Mr Poe’s house.
    • Give him a piece of paper and he divides the text into sentences. Still very difficult.
    • Leave Mr Poe’s house. Jupiter knows where the Bessop plantation is located. Outside town on the jungle side.

    Plantation (start)(top)

    • Go to the Plantation. The guards won’t let you in.
    • Return to Charleston. You need something to distract the guards. Gunpowder may be found in Chinatown.

    Chinatown (start)(top)

    • Search for the entrance to Chinatown and continue straight on to the Restaurant.
    • Make an agreement with the Chinese to help him produce Gunpowder in exchange for some Fireworks.

    Gunpowder mill (grinding)(top)

    • Go to the Gunpowder mill. The door next to the exit to Town.
    • Many chests and cupboards are (still) locked and never mind the bottles in this phase.
    • You can pick up a message in one section of the cupboard:
      Right hand items F3 + F3
      Left hand items F3 + fire pistol
    • Also an empty barrel in a corner of the room.
    • Climb the ladder at the Big Barrel to check what’s already inside it. Water is missing.
    • Add water by using the wheel on the wall.
    • Now it’s safe to grind the mixture. Do that.
    • Fill up the barrel on the stool by pulling the rope.
    • Pick up the filled barrel. (right hand)
    • Place the empty barrel on the stool instead. (left hand)
    • Fill it up the same way and pick it up too.
    • Go to the Restaurant and deliver the Gunpowder to the Chinese. You’ll get another mission and a Red Key.

    Gunpowder mill (standard gp)(top)

    • Return to the Gunpowder mill.
    • The Red Key unlocks three chests to the left. Take all ingredients.
    • Also unlock the cupboard: pick up the Red Folder and two empty barrels.
    • Study the recipe in the Red Folder. Standard gp: 6 salpeter, 1 sulfur and 1 charcoal.
    • Also from the folder: To avoid explosions always mix Charcoal with Salpeter to Salpeter Soot and Sulfur with Salpeter to Sulfur Soot before grinding.
    • Start with filling some water again into the Big Barrel.
    • Place one of the empty barrels on the stool.
    • Equip the Charcoal Jar and pour it into the Big Bottle. As the Jar was only half-filled so is the Big Bottle now.
    • Equip one of the Salpeter Sacks and pour it also into the Big Bottle. That’s Salpeter Soot. (grey)
    • Pick up the Big Bottle and pour its content into the Big Barrel (ladder).
    • Mix Sulfur Soot (light yellow) the same way but use Sulfur Basket + Salpeter sack. Also to go into the Big Barrel. Now you’ve got 2 Salpter + 1 Sulfur + 1 Charcoal + water in there.
    • Equip The Salpeter Sacks one at the time and go direct to the Big Barrel with them. When it’s 6 + 1 + 1 + water: grind!
    • Fill up both empty barrels and bring them when you leave the Mill.
    • Meet the Chinese outside. He gives you a new mission and a new recipe for slow-burning gunpower. 4 Salpeter + 2 Sulfur + 2 Charcoal.
    • He has also unlocked all the three workshops. You can produce Charcoal, Sulfur and Salpeter in any order you like, or go between them when there’s waiting time.

    Charcoal oven (1)(top)

    • Go down to the Charcoal oven. It’s the door on the other side of the exit to Town.
    • Push one of the logs on the bed a little forward.
    • Pick up the Black Key that has become visible. It unlocks the Storeroom behind you.
    • Go there and take the Saw, the Empty Barrel, an Old Book and an empty Bucket.
    • Examine the Old Book: “How to burn Charcoal”.
    • Use the Saw on the log you pushed earlier.
    • Pick up the Wood and place it instead on the stump. You need an Axe now but haven’t got one so leave the Charcoal Oven.

    Salpeter barn (1)(top)

    • The barn is the wooden shed next to the Charcoal oven.
    • Enter and set all three levers to position up. (closed)
    • You find wood under the stairs. Pick up some and load the Fireplace with it. (smoke now from the chimney)
    • The idea is to boil water in basin 1 (on top of the fireplace), let the water flow to basin 2 (with the hay) to solve the Salpeter and finally open for the water to basin 3. (where you can get some with a bucket)
    • Go up to the balcony and set the lever to down. (enables the steplock to give water)
    • Walk on the steplock and basin 1 should be filled. (boiling sound = ok)
    • On the other side of basin 2 you can find a small green box with the Silver Key.
    • Open the locked door at basin 3 with it.
    • Pick up The Salpeter Sack, the Broom and the Bottle Post.
    • Examine the Bottle Post: “How to extract Salpeter”.
    • Nothing more to do here for the moment so leave the Salpeter barn.

    Sulfur distillery (1)(top)

    • The third workshop is found at the end of the passage with the railing.
    • Pass through the dark corridor. On the left you have a small locker hanging on the wall: pick up the Envelope and the Gold Key.
    • Examine the Envelope: “How to distill Sulfur”.
    • The Gold Key opens the clock on the other side of this room: take the Sledgehammer. Also open a cupboard in the dark passage: take the Hatchet.
    • Pull the rope near the floor planks and Sulfur stones are falling down.
    • Smash them to Sulfur dust with the Sledgehammer. You have a Broom but nothing to put the Sulfur dust in so it’s time to leave the distillery.
    • Pick up another Empty Barrel on your way out of here at the exit door.

    Charcoal oven (2)(top)

    • Use the Hatchet on the Wood on the stump.
    • Pick up the Small wood and place it in the Fireplace.
    • Light the fire with your Tinderbox.
    • Leave the workshop.

    Salpeter barn (2)(top)

    • There should be a bubbling sound + steam here now. Push the Lever on the side of the fireplace. Boiling water now to basin 2 (hay).
    • Leave the workshop.

    Sulfur distillery (2)(top)

    • Fill the Empty Bucket with water at the Well on the courtyard.
    • Enter the Distillery and climb the Ladder. Fill Water into the Machine.
    • Leave the workshop.

    Charcoal oven (3)(top)

    • Check the Fireplace: fire + glowing.
    • Not ready yet so leave the workshop.

    Salpeter barn (3)(top)

    • Check basin 2: water looks more grey now.
    • Open for the Water to flow to basin 3.
    • Fill the Empty Bucket from basin 3.
    • Pour it on the Planks at the end of the room.
    • It has to dry now so leave the workshop.

    Charcoal oven (4)(top)

    • Check the Fireplace: glowing.
    • It will soon be ready so leave the workshop again.

    Salpeter barn (4)(top)

    • Check the Salpeter on the Planks: it’s dry but you need a Tool to scrape it up.
    • Leave the workshop.

    Charcoal oven (5)(top)

    • Check the Fireplace: coal! But you’ll need a Ladle to collect it.
    • If you’re stuck now in all three workshops go to the Restaurant.

    Chinese restaurant(top)

    • Find items left behind by the restaurant’s guests.
      To the right, second room: a Tool,
      to the left, last room: an Empty Box
      and behind the counter in the chest: a Ladle.

    Sulfur distillery (3)(top)

    • Fill the Empty Box with Sulfur Dust from the Planks.
    • Open the hatch on the side of the machine with the Lever.
    • Fill up with Sulfur Dust.
    • Close the hatch.
    • Start the Distillery by walking over the steplock.
    • The process will take some time so leave the workshop.

    Salpeter barn (5)(top)

    • Scrape up the Salpeter from the planks with the Tool.
    • When the Sack is full leave the workshop.

    Charcoal oven (6)(top)

    • Collect the Charcoal in the fireplace with the Ladle.
    • When the Jar is full leave the workshop.

    Sulfur distillery (4)(top)

    • Open the hatch.
    • Collect the Sulfur.
    • When the Basket is full leave the workshop.

    Gunpowder mill (special gp)(top)

    • Add water to the Big Barrel.
    • Place an Empty Barrel on the stool.
    • Mix Salpeter Soot and pour it into the Big Barrel.
    • This time you have to use the Small Bottle to be able to half-fill the Big Bottle.
    • And one more potion.
    • Mix Sulfur Soot and pour it in the Big Barrel.
    • And one more potion. Now it should be 4 Salpeter + 2 Sulfur + 2 Charcoal + water in the Big Barrel.
    • Grind it, fill an Empty Barrel and Pick that one up.
    • Place the remaining Empty Barrel on the stool instead.
    • And fill that one too. When you’ve got 2 Barrels of slow-burning gunpowder the Chinese shows up.
    • Follow him to the Restaurant and search for the Fireworks lab. It’s to the right of the counter.
    • Enter and the Chinese provides you with a collection of Fireworks.
    • Leave and when Jupiter has joined you are teleported to the Plantation.

    Plantation (sneaking)(top)

    • Coming close to the Plantation gate you decide to climb the nearby mountain to get an overview.
    • Follow close to the mountain side until you find a point where it’s possible to climb up.
    • The slave barracks are located behind the house with the smoke. There are watchtowers on both sides and a lot of patrolling guards.
    • Coming down again you walk closer but stop when Jupiter starts the Fireworks to distract the guards.
    • When it’s done you start sneaking. Keep very close to the mountain side (on the right) and you may avoid being detected.
    • In the Plantation there are a lot of Safe Zones: among those bales, in the high vegetation, in some of the houses or even on the roof tops. You can only save in the Safe Zones. If you have been detected once by the guards you can still make it by hurrying from one Safe Zone to another.
    • Your goal is the simple shed in the corner of the Plantation, behind the house with the smoke.
    • Enter and talk to the Black Magic Woman. She will give you a sketch and a description to Bishop’s Hostel.
    • Start your way back to Jupiter.

    For the next part of the story : The Gold Bug Part 3 - Into the Unknown