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Some interesting mods for Sid Meier's Pirates

Discussion in 'Other Pirate Games' started by Tingyun, Aug 23, 2016.

  1. Tingyun

    Tingyun Corsair Storm Modder

    Aug 8, 2016
    Although POTC New Horizons has now completely conquered the role of ideal pirate game in my mind, Sid Meier's Pirates has a special kind of charm and was a staple of my childhood. I stopped by the board and noticed there was not a lot of info on mods for the game here. While not extensive, there are a few worthy mods I would recommend looking for anyone indulging in nostalgia with this wonderful old game:

    1) the challenge pack

    The Sid Meier's Pirates! Challenge Pack - Adam Milazzo's Personal Site

    Adjustable mod pack letting you select what you want, including reformulated crew happiness, realistic cannonball speed, fuller implementation of Indian and Jesuit items, slower aging, and a couple of other options.

    The mod creator also seems to monitor his messages there on his page, and seems willing to assist people in modding in special requests (at least, in January of this year he did so).

    2) A trainer, which functions like a good mod

    There is an excellent trainer for Sid Meier's Pirates, that comes close to being a mod. Sure, it also has cheat functions, and you have to run it in the background, but it has the following options you can toggle:

    A) top 10 pirates resurrect each time they die

    B) alter the quality of top ten pirates and evil Spanish story characters ships, to make them more of a challenge.

    C) change amount of gold in stores and alter economy of world

    D) alter dancing, fencing, aging, and many other mechanics to your preference.

    And many more. There are several pages of options, allowing you to configure the world and game mechanics to your liking.

    I think the trainer I used was "PH" trainer, which is the one linked for download here: Hooked on Pirates! - a Sid Meier's Pirates! Fansite (click mods, then other, then scroll down to the trainer link).

    If anyone downloads that and doesn't find the options I mention, let me know by posting here and I'll go looking for the right trainer, but I think that one should work.

    (The site also hosts some other "mods", but they are the minor graphics changes for the most part)
    Mad Jack Wolfe and Pieter Boelen like this.
  2. Mad Jack Wolfe

    Mad Jack Wolfe Deck Scrubber, 2nd Class Staff Member Storm Modder

    Apr 8, 2017
    Writer and historian
    Treasure Coast bound
    I know this is an older post, but I have to say the Challenger Pack is a great mod for SMP. It adjusts the game just enough to make it fresh and challenging again. I picked this game up again after a recent visit to New Orleans with the intent of propping up France and marginalising Spain, with the goal of eliminating Spanish holdings in the region altogether. The Challenger Pack has thrown just enough twists to make this campaign much more difficult than I anticipated.

    That said, I still managed to kick the snot out of Mendoza and Raymondo, and made prizes of their ships. It's surprising how good those conquests feel.

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