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Sea Dogs on GOG

Discussion in 'PiratesAhoy! News' started by wolfsrain, Apr 2, 2015.


Discussion in 'PiratesAhoy! News' started by wolfsrain, Apr 2, 2015.

  1. Bartolomeu o Portugues
    Sea dogs must be the first one. POTC and COAS should be released logically...
    Thagarr likes this.
  2. Pieter Boelen
    Wow, that's brilliant! That does potentially give hope for the other ones too, even if the publishers for those were different companies.

    @Thagarr: You should like this news! :onya
    Thagarr likes this.
  3. Thagarr
    Great news indeed, thanks fro the heads up mate! :onya


    You can find the original new release thread on GOG HERE! There is also apparently a hidden editor included!
  4. Armada
    Awesome! Good to see an old classic getting some love.

    What's interesting is that this game had fewer votes (288) than both PotC and CoAS. I wonder what the determining factor was in getting it released?
  5. Bartolomeu o Portugues
    It would be interesting to know how the editor works.
    Maybe the publisher is not Disney in this case...
  6. Thagarr
    @Bartolomeu o Portugues, yes, I am very curious myself! I have bought the game, but haven't had time to install it yet. That should happen soon! I am also curious to know if Hosehead's Mod works on it!

    For many years, I have thought that Disney was responsible for the holdup in getting the games on GOG. I have seen many games get added that had less than 50 votes over the years. It seems though, that the holdup has been with Bethesda instead. The fact that Sea Dogs has been released does indeed bode well for a potential POTC and AOP release in the hopefully very near future!
  7. Bartolomeu o Portugues
    Thanks @Thagarr for informing us when you test the editor.
  8. Thagarr
    So far, the game runs perfect on Windows 7, no problems at all. It even looks surprisingly good being as the game is now more than 15 years old! I also installed both 1.11 and 1.12 of Hoseheads Addons and they both seem to work fine, although I haven't gone in depth with anything yet. :shrug

    The editor that is included with the GOG version will let you edit character, stats and dialogue, also ship stats and a few other things. I haven't messed with it much either.
  9. Red Back Dude
    I go camping and everything happens all at once . this is EPIC!
  10. piratesjunkie
    I bought Sea Dogs from GOG too but it doesn´t launch on my Win7 SP1 - 64 bit. I can install and configure it to ít´s max resolution of 1280 x 1024 with 16 bit but when i try to launch it, i just get a black Startscreen with a turning hourglass. Any idea what i could try else?
  11. Red Back Dude
    I am 7 Home Premium x64 sp 1 and it starts up and plays well , only thing from the top of my head would be to re-install the game.
  12. piratesjunkie
    Thanks for the tip but that doesn´t change anything.
  13. Pieter Boelen
    Is Sea Dogs also affected by the Intel GFX problem? While that does use an older version of the Storm engine, it might just have that problem too.
  14. piratesjunkie
    Never heard about Intel GFX and therefor don´t know if i even have that. Can just tell that i´m not the only one with that problem. User "sgiffin" on page 2 is also affected and i started a chat with him but he didn´t reply till now:


    At least GOG gave some homework to me that i will try out now:

    "Please try these troubleshooting steps:
    1) Please make sure that yo u use "Run as Administrator" to install and to start the game (right-click on the shortcut or setup file and select "Run as Administrator").

    2) Please reinstall the game AND add it to your anti-virus/firewall software's exception/trusted list. Simply disabling firewall or AV software could not be enough, since some of those software's are running still in background or in services list.

    3) Reinstall the June 2010 DirectX runtime package, then use the DirectX web installer.

    You can find the archive file containing the 2010 package installation files here:

    You will have to extract the files into some folder, then open that folder and launch the DXSETUP.exe file in order to proceed with the installation.

    Afterwards, download the latest DirectX web installer and use it as well:

    4) Please update your graphics device drivers:

    5) Please reinstall Visual C++ 2013 SP1 Redistributable Packages:
    https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=40784 after pressing Download select: vcredist_x64.exe vcredist_x86.exe

    6) Please make sure that DEP (Data Execution Prevention) is using its default setting. To do this, follow these steps:
    I) Open Menu Start
    II) Right click 'Computer' and click 'Properties'
    III) Click 'Advanced system settings'
    IV) Open tab 'Advanced' and click 'Settings' in 'Performance' section
    V) Open tab 'Data Execution Prevention'
    VI) Change DEP setting to the first option (Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only)
    VII) Confirm with OK.

    7) Maybe you have some settings forced on your graphics device in Catalyst Control Center. If so then try to reset them:
    I) Right-click on your desktop and select Catalyst Control Center.
    II) In the upper-right corner of the window, select Preferences.
    III) Select Restore Factory Defaults."

    Anyway i don´t have much hope to succeed and if i would have known before that this game is only for max. resolution 1280 x 1024 with 16bit i wouldn´t have bought it for shure. Doesn´t really matter to me because it was only € 6,- :)
  15. Armada
    He means that PotC doesn't run on PCs that use Intel integrated graphics chips instead of AMD or Nvidia GPUs, and since that uses a newer version of the Storm Engine that Sea Dogs also uses, the original game might also not work with Intel GPUs.

    So, if you have an AMD or Nvidia graphics card in your PC, the game should probably run correctly. But if you have an Intel processor and no dedicated graphics card, the game will probably not run.
    piratesjunkie likes this.
  16. Hylie Pistof
    I have been finding that more and more really old games that I played for years no longer run on my system at all. One from 1998 that I was playing last year no longer even starts and there is nothing wrong with the game itself.
  17. piratesjunkie
    Thanks for explaining the whole meaning to me. I would never use integrated graphics, i have a AMD - ASUS - MATRIX 5870 PLATINUM and with that one i can play Pirates of the Caribbean, Age of Pirates 1 & 2 and a lot of other old and new games without compatibility problems. Only Sea Dogs doesn´t even launch but i really don´t mind about that and was asking GOG already to let me choose another game for € 6,- :)

    Maybe you where changing your Hardware and / or OS to often lately ;)
  18. Hylie Pistof
    I believe it is the new video card drivers that simply do not support old code anymore more than the new video card I bought a few months ago, an AMD 290X.

    I know someone with a one year old but basic system that can still play old games just fine.
    piratesjunkie likes this.

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