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New openworld pirate game called Blue Horizon!

Discussion in 'Other Pirate Games' started by Capt. Phil, Aug 17, 2016.

  • by Capt. Phil, Aug 17, 2016 at 5:02 PM
  • Capt. Phil

    Capt. Phil Sailor Apprentice

    Apr 7, 2015
    Q2 2017 - LATEST NEWS:
    Final Trailer!

    The Steam Store Logo - Releasing Soon!

    Translation into the first non English language - Russian is almost complete! Other languages to follow hopefully. (Over 900 sentences takes time!). Players will be able to select a language at the title screen which will convert all text in the game and menus.

    The game has gone under the first round of beta testing and had bugs fixed.
    The last level is well under construction - the outside is done.. now just the inside!
    New weapon types have been added, more destructible items, and more interesting ways for them to be destroyed. (We all like it when stuff blows up!)
    More story has been packed in to make the overall goal of completing the game a lengthy (but not too lengthy) enjoyable time.
    Save points are available on each Island. (They may or may not be active depending on what you are getting up to!). Some things will respawn, some will not (generally depending on the story line state).
    The UI is pretty much done, just need to finish up some icons. The NPCs are all pretty much done and their dialogs. Final total of unique NPCs with their own dialogs and parts to play will be about 50.
    Don't worry you wont have to remember what each NPC said - there is the new Log book which will record all conversations and you can look at it anytime in the inventory.
    You can kill nearly all land animals now (and some sea) too - if you like.. and for those animal lovers out there, you can just watch them having fun in the tropical sun!
    Steam integration is complete and there are about 25 achievements to collect!

    Any questions or comments let me know!
    I have been adding screenshots on facebook and twitter so please check them out.
    The company is set up now so will be negotiating the Steamworks publishing process very soon.

    Yo ho me hearties!

    Blue Horizon Has been GREENLIT!
    Thanks to the voters!

    Blue Horizon

    Blue Horizon Studios is pleased to be announcing the release of the first trailer, and Greenlight campaign, more screenshots of a brand new open world first person game set in a tropical archipelago filled with islands, sailing ships and pirates!

    A brand new game, from a new Indie Studio, bringing you an action packed adventure on the high seas!

    The year is 1686, and you must make your way through the Caribbean world on the Blue Horizon so find your fortune and seek revenge on the evil Pirate Captain Bloodbeard! A first person desktop game filled with adventure, discovery and combat.

    Blue Horizon has been created so the player is in a large open world environment. With each part of the game although separate can be explored without the player noticing.

    Caribbean World
    There is only one level. Always viewable on the horizon. Initially consisting of 8 Islands, the player must discover each location in order to explore it. Locations can be discovered by talking to NPCs (Non-Playable characters), or following maps found. Once a location has been found it can be traveled to and from using a ship.

    Tropical Islands with towns, villages, forts, dunes, mountains, cave systems, giant caverns, ship wrecks, and forests all lay in wait for the player to find and explore.

    Inventory and Items
    Weapons, equipment, books, valuable loot are found laying around, in containers or purchased from shops and peddlers, looted from enemies, or given as rewards for completing tasks previously given. Keys are required for some doors too.
    Weapons are currently melee, pistols and cannon emplacements.

    Equipment or a pistol can also be equipped in the left hand such as the Lantern for seeing in dark caves. Provisions are needed to restore health, enhancement items can also be found or purchased.

    To progress, one must complete tasks given from NPCs or from instructions found. The NPCs will be grateful, whether they are for the main quest or side missions. Tasks may involve collecting, farming, building, hunting, slaying or completing another task. Hidden stashes, and Bounty hunting are available from NPCs.

    There are dangerous islands, and relatively safe islands. Unique foes await, be they Pirates, animals or strange creatures, undead and non-human. Some enemies are weak, some are strong and have various short and long range attacks. Some individuals you encounter will be docile until provoked, in which case they may attack as a group.

    Enemy ships can plague the player too. Captain Bloodbeard's ship is the main aggressor. Bosses await to complete the main story line. The seas contain Marauding Pirate ships which you may encounter when sailing from Island to Island.
    The game is still in development and is being expanded to give the player the most enjoyment and fun as possible, while making it not too easy or too hard.

    Some quotes so far from viewers of the video

    • I love pirates and this game looks fun - "Banana Joe"
    • can not wait to play this keep the good work up - "TECH 52"
    • This reminds of Second life. Voted yes - "MeowMeow Ozapell"
    • want this one - "Ankagunner"
    • Looking Forward to this Game :) - "bypassed"
    The game will appeal to all ages. Contains No Reference to sex / drugs / smoking / slavery.

    Will be available for the PC. (For now..)

    Steam: Steam Greenlight :: Blue Horizon
    Official Website: www.bluehorizongame.com
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/BlueHorizonGame
    Twitter: @bluehorizongame
    IndieDB: www.indiedb.com/games/blue-horizon
    Wiki: Blue Horizon Wiki
    Last edited: May 24, 2017
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Discussion in 'Other Pirate Games' started by Capt. Phil, Aug 17, 2016.

  1. A.H
    It's very nice looking but I hope developers can change the fantasy part to non-existent and keep it real Caribbean!

    Editted today since I figured it sounded a bit offensive towards certain folks. :oops:
  2. Pieter Boelen
    Please remind me in two weeks to put this on Facebook.
    I tried just now using my phone, but that isn't working very well.
    Capt. Phil likes this.
  3. Capt. Phil
    Well there is a good reason for this. Originally I was going to Just have humans, and some animals.. However, if an area of the game requires numerous humans (enemies) - they all need to look different, or have their faces covered, because if they all look the same - it looks weird and out of place as we are adapted to recognize peoples faces. Animals and monsters can all look the same, and it doesn't look out of place, so they can be cloned. Which is why so many games do this.
    I would love to spend years carving out hundreds of individual pirates, however, its a question of time. So the game is alot larger now because I can fill parts up with monsters, and still have quite a few individual NPCs which are unique (about 35 so far). There are individually carved pirates in the game, and they operate as a group however, for variety I have put in other creatures, as I personally don't like games with just 1 type of foe.
  4. Yoshimtu
    Definitely, a lack of variety will hurt a large amount of players, rather than the contrary that solely want it. Especially if it's focused a lot on land combat. Either way, an opinion is one thing but stating that devs are ruining their games as if it were a fact is a bit much.

    Best of luck Phil games looking good so far.
  5. GAZ Vodnik
    I actually like the fantasy stuff and wouldn't call it crap - it's just a matter of taste.
    Would also like to see more Urban Fantasy-games.
    While I'm wondering how you are supposed to fight a kraken on foot, only with an axe.

    Already asked some friends to vote for this game too, it really looks like one of the pirate games (Next to "Hearts of Oaks") I waited years for.
    Capt. Phil likes this.
  6. Flannery
    Because i guess the majority of us still think that can be fun. I dont mind it at all - all though I prefer realism and history, I also like the thrill of mystic elements and fantasy sidesteps.

    Those who dont like that kind of gameplay can play Hearts of Oak instead ;)
    Capt. Phil and A.H like this.
  7. Pieter Boelen
    I welcome fantasy stuff in any pirate game if it is implemented in such a way that it is avoidable for those people who don't like it.
    Capt. Phil, Flannery and Armada like this.
  8. Pieter Boelen
    Capt. Phil likes this.
  9. Capt. Phil
    (Thanks Pieter)

    Hi all, Blue Horizon is currently off Greenlight, as site traffic had slowed too much to make a decent impact in the top 100. However, I am working on another route to get it Published so please bear with me, for now stay tuned on the other sites its on, such as Twitter (@bluehorizongame), indiedb, the facebook page and of course the website.
    Pieter Boelen likes this.
  10. Capt. Phil
    So you wonder how you fight the 'Kraken' on foot with an axe.. well, I can assure you.. there IS a way to fight it with an axe! (You may have to get wet).
  11. CaptnLysop
    Any chance of Blue Horizon coming on GOG.com, I am not fond of Steam too much. Maybe after it's off of Greenlight and gone Gold?

    I mean, the way the game looks, and the way it seems to be controlled, make it insanely interesting. But godforsaken Steam...
  12. Pieter Boelen
    Doesn't it have to be finished and released before it can be a Good OLD Game? :cheeky
    Flannery likes this.
  13. Capt. Phil
    Its old to me! Steam is just the first platform, hopefully there will be others its released on. Maybe Humble Bundle? - I will look into GOG (Just for you CaptnLysop)
    Anyway, I will be concentrating finishing it next year as I am not employed anymore with my current company.

    Check twitter Blue Horizon Game (@bluehorizongame) | Twitter and facebook Blue Horizon | Facebook for updates on the progress - of which there is alot!

    (Lets all have a dance to celebrate this !)

    Attached Files:

    CaptnLysop and Pieter Boelen like this.
  14. Pieter Boelen
    That screenshot looks pretty darn good! :onya
  15. Capt. Phil
    They definitely wont roast your corpse over the fire and dance around it, well as long as you speak the lingo ..

    Rah fi fi, bal liki liki Kay-lay lam. Lam piki-piki. Lam eensy weensy. Lam say-say maboogi snickle snickle!
    Pieter Boelen and Talisman like this.
  16. Talisman
    :sick :sick

  17. Oldtimer
    A pirate game without sex, drugs, slavery and smoking just ain`t a pirate game...
  18. Capt. Phil
    Well there is lots of other things which make it Piratey such as killing, blood, shooting, alcohol, hunting, looting, theft, and generally blowing everything up with a cannonball.
    Adding in the other highest aged related elements will reduce the target audience considerably, and its been made so you won't miss them.
  19. Oldtimer

    to me smoking is less offensive than killing. But it`s your vision, I`m all for historical accuracy, you`re not. Pity as the game looks very, very promising.

    Rgds, Oldtimer

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