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Lands Unknown - A Next-Gen Historical RPG

Discussion in 'PiratesAhoy! News' started by Abdul-Bashur, Dec 19, 2017.


Discussion in 'PiratesAhoy! News' started by Abdul-Bashur, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. GAZ Vodnik
    To be honest, this seems one of those "Great idea"-games, which tend to fail due to missing funds or which workload can't be handled by the small dev-team. And given that only 7.000 Dollars were collected (from 100.000) and it should have been fully funded last February...

    Yeah, no, sorry, this isn't going to work, I'm afraid. Can't even find info about the developers, which is a huge Red Flag in my opinion.
  2. LarryHookins
    Check out the Twitter link. It looks like even though the Kickstarter didn't make its goal, development still continues with the last post being November 29, 2017.

    This looks pretty good. Thanks for posting about it.

  3. GAZ Vodnik
    Yes, they said in their FAQ that development will continue, but then you might ask yourself how far the project will go if almost nobody donates. There's only so much you can do if you don't have the money to pay the workers and licences.
  4. Homo eructus
    Looks extremely over-ambitious and umlikely to go anywhere. Even if it would go anywhere the sheer scope would make the world feel empty and boring even for the most die-hard simulator crowd, which I'm certainly not part of. ¿10 ingame hours before being able to purchase your first crappy ship? And people complained about TEHO! ¿100 ingame hours to be able to purchase a light frigate? Get out of here!
    Mad Jack Wolfe likes this.
  5. Abdul-Bashur
    Well I guess it can be very easy to implement a world map like in New Horizons. For me looks very similar to the Iron Mode of the Mod, which I love, but not only the Caribbean, but the world!. It may not be a great deal to do the game for the main public and the hardcore player at the same time...they said the internet was too ambitious...so who knows? why not?
  6. LarryHookins
    Gaz: Nobody donated to New Horizons and look how far it's gone.

    Homer: Doesn't look any more empty than some of New Horizons. It took me 7 hours before I got my ship the first time through TEHO, and 10 hours doesn't seem excessive (as long as they make it interesting). I'm sure there will be ways around that at some point. In any case I got that down to just over an hour after playing through many many times. One hundred hours before you see a frigate at the shipyard doesn't sound excessive either; in fact, it may be too short. It takes longer than that in TEHO.

    I have no doubt they'll have some way to cater to the action gamer. While I certainly have no problem sailing 3 hours to get from Martinique to Barbados on a scale map, you can't do that in a game. Besides, it only takes an hour to sail across the entire Atlantic (if I read that right). He's obviously doing some kind of scale map, and getting small and large islands and the mainlands to work right *in a game* is no trivial matter.

    The "Fantasy Map" was slated to be one of the last things to be implemented.

    Has anyone tried the demo yet?

  7. GAZ Vodnik
    You seriously compare a commercial game done from scratch with the Unreal Engine 4 with a mod?

    Given that Hearts of Oak was cancelled, I only see a future for "Lands Unknown" if I discover it in Early Access one day. Until then it's the best to simply forget about it to prevent disappointment because it got cancelled as well for some reason.

    Actually, yes, it is WAY excessive. At least for me.
    But as long as you can just capture your ships, I don't really care - I mean, in AoP2 or PotC, bigger ships at the shipyards are so rare, that you are better off just stealing the vessels you want. I have never seen First Rates on sale, yet encountering entire squadrons of them out for your blood are a common sight.
  8. Pieter Boelen
    Being realistic, I have to admit that is a very fair point.
    But at the same time, I wish the developers a lot of luck.
    Chances are they won't succeed, but I give them credit for trying and, who knows, maybe they'll surprise us all.
  9. LarryHookins
    Yes. But keep in mind that I was here in the earlier days of New Horizons. I know where we came from, and I know what is possible.

    If the game is a success, great. If not, that's ok too. I don't mind playing a work in progress, even if it never gets wide publication. A lot will depend on the demo or whatever else the developer will release to testers or to the public.

    Anyone getting in at the early stages of a game has some influence on its development, and I've had a fair amount of my work published with commercial games, without compensation and freely given. Even beta testers have ideas that make it into a finished product.

    What I've seen so far looks very good and promising, and I won't turn down a chance to get in on it. The best news I've had is that the game didn't die with the failure of the kickstarter.

    Pieter Boelen likes this.
  10. GAZ Vodnik
    Okay, I can't compete with this logic.

    Just because it's a comparison doesn't mean that it's valid.
  11. LarryHookins
    We're comparing with different criteria. New Horizons has a lot more content than a new commercial game, that's a given. It's had a lot more years in development, and a lot more people working on it. But that's not to say that Lands Unknown won't go the same way. Don't expect Lands Unknown to have the same amount of content any time soon.

    Just because Hearts of Oak failed doesn't mean any other game will.
  12. Pieter Boelen
    I know exactly why that happened anyway: convincing everyone to work towards the same goal at the same time is crazy difficult.
    Doing so in a non-commercial situation is very nearly impossible.
    Especially when the first goals, by necessity, have to be about doing basic and non-fun stuff.

    But as New Horizons shows, if true collaboration can be reached, then there is pretty much no limit to how far it can go.
    It is tricky and very hard. But not completely impossible.
    The commercial aim of this game could help to focus their efforts too.
  13. GAZ Vodnik
    I see.

    That's why it's currently hard for me to take you seriously.

  14. Pieter Boelen
    There's no harm in hoping. Worst case scenario, you'll end up being right. :shrug
    GAZ Vodnik likes this.
  15. LarryHookins
    I look at Lands Unknown and I see no evidence of failure.

    The kickstarter not making its goals doesn't matter except to how long the game will take to make, and it shows some interest in the game to show to potential investors. It actually ends up being positive.

    I tried the demo. Interesting but inconclusive. The videos are better. Some features there that I've never seen before and wish were in other games.

    The game is still in development. It hasn't failed until the developer gives up. The attitude and comments of the naysayers and pessimists won't affect that in the least.

    And seriously, why are you even commenting? I wasn't interested in Steel Lagoon: Steel Waters, so I never commented on it. How is that coming along, by the way?

    In the end, I guess we all see what we want to see. I'm not sure why anyone would want to see failure, but those people obviously exist.
  16. GAZ Vodnik
    Are opinions forbidden?
    Also, if I'm not interested in it, then I wouldn't comment on it.

    And I'm very interested to see where I have said that I want this game to fail, since I have the impression that you want to read something into it what isn't there.

    But I guess that's veering too much into off-topic by now.
  17. LarryHookins
    Where did I say that you wanted the game to fail?
  18. GAZ Vodnik
    And even if not exactly meant like that, it's implied in my eyes.
  19. LarryHookins
    And you've answered your own question.

    So... would you like to talk about the game? Did you try the demo?

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