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A few problems(?) in build 11

Discussion in 'Features Archive' started by Captain Normal, Apr 28, 2004.

  1. Captain Normal

    Captain Normal Landlubber

    Apr 28, 2004
    Brisbane Penal Settlement
    Ahoy there mateys

    I got POTC a while ago, then when build 11 was realeased decided to try that, and shiver me timbers, its bloody good!

    Ive got a few things Im not too sure about.. Every time I encounter a ship group with "one merchant with an escort" in the description the game crashes to the desktop. I don't know if its just my game or a bug..

    I saw someone else with a problem with saving games , when they click save the game hangs there and stays in the save game screen and none of the buttons work and the portraits disappear... I can get back into the game after that by going to the main menu and clicking resume game, but it likely happens again.. Initialize and the T button seems to help sometimes though.. Its crashed to the desktop sometimes when I save too..

    Another thing is the ship sails... When I was playing on vanilla POTC the sails looked to me to change angles depending on which way the wind was blowing... I'm pretty sure they did at least... In the build 11, they look like theyre static and stay in one place, and the mast booms dont swing around.. I seem to remember them doing that before...

    When I laid up the ship, it ship was replaced by an "error" ship.. with 0 cargo capacity, 0 hull points, etc.. which if I tried to get rid of by putting another ship there with the swap ships command.. it gets 'sunk' and I got gold and experience...
    That was annoying for awhile, It made the game pretty unstable...

    Also with the steal the ship from `french-occupied` oxbay mission, is it normal to have your 2nd ship that you've got way back elsewhere on the island to appear there next to you, when you try to sail away...
    I had to watch the fort and warships sink my ship that I thought was safely on its way back to redmond ! :x
  2. NathanKell

    NathanKell ...

    Jan 1, 1970
    Re: Save games problem.
    If you do not have the PG Music Pack installed, please set PGMUS to 0 in BuildSettings.h

    Re: Booms and yards. At least for me, they still work...are you in arcade or realistic sailing mode?

    Re: Lay up ships: Known issue. However, hopefully soon (for moderate values of soon) there'll be a better LUS system.

    Re: Comp appearing when have corvette. Will look into this. Thanks!

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