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Jul 2, 2017
May 27, 2009
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Jul 13, 1979 (Age: 38)
Somewhere in the caribbean

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Buccaneer, Male, 38, from Somewhere in the caribbean

Storm Modder
Luke159 was last seen:
Jul 2, 2017
    1. F1nova
      hi iv'e just downloaded gof 2.0 and patch 2.0.8. i saw that direct sail was back so i tried to sail from hispaniola to jamaica and i could'nt, Also in the files (patch 2.0.8) theres a testing folder do i need to do something with that to get direct sail to work. p.s great work love this game and your making it so much better. By the way i have'nt used any other patch just fresh copy of coas, gof 2.0 then patch 2.0.8
    2. Jacko
      Sorry but your GOF 2.0 Mod has some Bad Bugs !!
    3. Vilkaras
    4. modernknight1
      Hi Luke! Did you get tire of racing and flight simulators? The call of the digital sea is too strong my friend. I knew you would be back. My version of GOF is actually working pretty good. MK
    5. Officerpuppy
      Happy birthday!
    6. modernknight1
      Happy Birthday ole chum.
    7. Darthtuvok
      hey luke how far are you going with 1.2 can i apply as an alpha tester for your mods please?
    8. Luke159
      For anyone looking at this please take note that GOF 1.o and its patch GOF 1.1 will be ready to download in a day or two. It is a continuation of CMV3.2 but because so much has changed and the old name was over used we decided it needed a new name and so Gentelmen Of Fortune was born. This mod will fix many problems and add many features. Please see the GOF topic in the COAS mods forum.
    9. ramptor
      hi luke! is the v3.2 the latest patch? :D
    10. AlteBrown
      Hi Luke. First of all, thanks for all the great contributions you do to improve our gaming experience, we enjoy this for free thanks to all the quality and dedication of people like you.
      As I assume you are an expert in this game (AOP COAS), I wanted to ask a question: IS IT POSSIBLE TO HAVE ALL THE MAP WITH ONE SAME FLAG (capture all towns?) how? sorry I do not know another way to contact...
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    Jul 13, 1979 (Age: 38)
    Somewhere in the caribbean