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Woodes Rogers (02) - The Reward Parts 1 to 4

Feb 4, 2015
Woodes Rogers (02) - The Reward Parts 1 to 4

  • The Reward: Part 1(top)

    • Go near the tavern. Caroline and Rogers disappear.
    • Follow them into the tavern, go behind the counter to the Tavern Storeroom and then to the right to Rogers’ Library.
    • After healing and a new ’mission’ from Rogers go back to the tavern.
    • Upstairs the room with the guards is open now.
    • Remove the hatch beside the bed and enter Rogers’ Bedroom.
    • Pistol 1 is in the fireplace. Take the 5 gold from the chest.

    The Reward: Part 2(top)

    • Go Back to the Tavern Storeroom: It’s closed to the Library.
    • Go instead upstairs and bribe Charles Windem with five gold to open for you.


    • There is a secret door in the green wall behind the doctor.


    • Talk to Rogers, Courtney and Rogers again.
    • When Rogers leaves follow him. Courtney leaves too.
    • Pick up the Key in the clock.
    • Leave through the window.


    • Go via the Tavern to Rogers’ Bedroom.

    Rogers’ Bedroom(top)

    • Use the Key on the hidden door: The bookshelf to the left of the bed.


    • The second door is open to the Bootyroom.


    • Downstairs in the corner you can refresh yourself.
    • Upstairs Pistol 2 is in the shelf behind the armchair.

    Kitchen again(top)

    • There are some items of minor value to pick up.
    • Don’t take the fish, it will make your Leadership decrease.
    • Push the guard at the door a little and press the lever. It’s open to Town.

    The Reward: Part 3(top)


    • Enter the Residence through the window.
    • One door is open: To the Armory.


    The steplock behind the counter opens a door, but only for a limited time.

    There is a box under the staircase which contains cannonballs.

    A chest behind the counter is blocked by a huge pile of goods.

    • Check the wooden box on the counter - to heavy to lift. (yet)
    • Go near the Gunner, he’ll give you an old Cutlass.
    • Use the Cutlass on the wooden box on the counter.
    • Move the Cannonballs to the box under the staircase one by one.
    • When empty you can remove the box from the counter.
    • If you walk on the steplock now you can jump over the counter and get to the door in time.

    Gunpowder Storage(top)

    • Find the Ammopouch and the Powderflask in the shelf to the right.
    • Fill up with 12 Pistolbullets near the inner door.
    • Fill up with 12 Gunpowder from the barrel the Powdermonkey sits on. (Cannonshot)

    Armory again(top)

    • The chest in the corner is now free from stacked goods. Get the Tool and leave.


    • The window is locked so use the door Rogers used earlier. Go out to the Terrace.


    • Use the Tool on the locked hatch on the floor.
    • Remove the lock and go down.

    Loanshark Cellar(top)

    • The Key to the upper door in the Loanshark is in the chest.

    Rogers’ Shop(top)

    • Find Pistol 3 on the wall with the clock, use the armchair to step on.
    • Use the Keys you get from Dave on the many chests at the staircase.
    • You don’t need any key to open the cupboard in the corner beside Dave.
    • Leave the same way you came.

    The Reward: Part 4(top)

    • The Tavern is closed so use the Kitchen door instead.


    • Talk to Selkirk downstairs. Caroline’s Room is open. (next room)

    Caroline’s Room(top)

    • Talk to Caroline.
    • Behind the bed is a steplock that unlocks the door to Rogers’ Bedroom.
    • Pick up the Padlock and Key beside the bed.
    • Go on through Rogers’ Bedroom all the way to Tavern Storeroom and upstairs to Windem’s room.

    Windem’s Room(top)

    • Windem is "ill" but the door at the other end is open.

    Storeroom Attic(top)

    • Walking over the steplocks starts a sequence that is continued in the Library.


    The right order is:

    1. Go to the right #1
    2. and down #2.
    3. Go back up again #3
    4. and down on the left side #4.

    The door to the Loanshark is unlocked.


    • Continue up the stairs to the Shop.

    Rogers’ Shop(top)

    • Use the Key on the Cupboard to the left with the Padlock.
    • Step inside (and watch strange things going on).
    • Leave through the door Dave leaves open.

    Shop Entré(top)

    • It is open to Town but try the door to the right first.

    Dave’s Room(top)

    • The elevator is in the Clock.

    Grandma’s Room(top)

    A steplock in the corner opens something as long as you stay on it.

    • Pistol 4 is on the wall with the door.

    Shop Entré(top)

    • Cook offers you one of the blades. Take nr 3 and exit to town.