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Woodes Rogers (04) - The Reward Part 6

Feb 4, 2015
Woodes Rogers (04) - The Reward Part 6
    • Enter Tavern Storeroom from Town.
    • Go through Tavern, Tavern Upstairs, Rogers’ Bedroom and to the Kitchen.


    • After dialog with Rogers go down to the Food Supply.
    • Talk to the Boatswain.
    • Go up again and into the now open Crew Quarters.

    Crew Quarters(top)

    • It’s open to Town. Go out, talk to Rogers and come back again.
    • Talk to Rosabella and she opens the counter for you.
    • Press the Lever on the other side of the Fireplace. It opens a niche with a chest.
    • Take the Gold Nugget and the money.
    • Use the Lever once more to leave this inner area. Go down to the Boatswain.

    Food Supply(top)

    Check the ladder in the corner: There’s a lot of Rum in here.

    • Pay the Boatswain with the Gold Nugget to open the Mine.


    There are three doors to Shafts and two other Doors – all locked.

    • Try the only open door: To the Guard Room, the Prison and the Gibbet Room.


    The Celldoor is locked. You can’t reach the small green boxes.

    The steplock opens a hatch in the cell only temporary.

    There is another steplock and a metal hatch on the wall in the Cell.

    Gibbet Room (1)(top)

    • Empty the barrel working as a counterweight: The skeleton goes down.
    • Cut him down: Another green box falls out.
    • Pick up the Key to the Middle Shaft. (the green box)

    Middle Shaft (1)(top)

    There is a ladder up to a locked hatch.

    At the end of the shaft is a locked door.

    • Close to that door is a Pickaxe. Take it.


    • Use the Pickaxe to reach the Key to the Right Shaft. (another green box)

    Right Shaft (1)(top)

    • Go as far as possible – to the wall. Go back to the Mine.


    The Gas Lights are lit in the Mine.

    The Boatswain has opened the Control Room.

    Control Room (1)(top)

    • Press the second Lever on the left side to light the Right and the Middle Shafts.

    Right Shaft (2)(top)

    • Go again to the wall: Now the torches show two Doors. It’s a loop.
    • Find an Hammer in the loop. Right door, left side.

    Gibbet Room (2)(top)

    • Use the Hammer to loosen the barrel from the gibbet.
    • Pick up the Empty Barrel.


    It is possible to place the Empty Barrel on the steplock but it’s of no use: It’s not heavy enough. Pick up the Barrel and go to the Food Supply.

    Food Supply(top)

    • Fill the Barrel with Rum. (Up the ladder in the corner) Go back to the Prison.


    • Place the Rum Barrel on the steplock: The hatch stays open. Go to the Middle Shaft.

    Middle Shaft (2)(top)

    • Enter the Cell from the ladder.


    • Take the remaining green box. The Key is to the Left Shaft.
    • Listen to Selkirk’s and Friday’s warnings and tips concerning the monsters.

    Left Shaft (1)(top)

    Never mind the side shafts they are just a loop.

    Four skeletons block the way straight on. Go back to the Control Room.

    Control Room (2)(top)

    • Switch the lights to the Left Shaft with the third Lever on the left side.

    Left Shaft (2)(top)

    With the torches lit the skeletons straight ahead are gone.

    Don’t try to rush forward – more skeletons are waiting further on.

    • Advance to the crossing and eight skeletons attack from the sideways.
    • Flee to the Mine.
    • Return then once again to the Left Shaft.

    Left Shaft (3)(top)

    • This time the Shaft is very foggy: You can sneak between the two groups of skeletons.

    Left Inner Shaft (1)(top)

    • Just go on - but be careful – don’t come to close to the skeletons. Go on until you can see the backs of the skeletons.
    • Avoid the left room. Turn right instead.
    • Find the Executioner’s Axe in there.
    • Keep left when leaving.

    Left Shaft (3 continue)(top)

    The fog has lifted and you can’t pass the skeletons at the crossing anymore.

    • Use the ladder instead, Caroline has opened it to help you.

    Port Royal outskirts(top)

    • Go back to Town, in via Crew Quarters, and down to the Gibbet Room.

    Gibbet Room (3)(top)

    • Use the Axe to cut off the skeletons skull. (!!)
    • Pick it up.
    • Go through the Middle Shaft to the Cell. (the Skull is placed as a stop for the hatch)
    • Go back all the way around to the outside of Cell. (Prison)


    • Pick up the Rum Barrel. (Rogers opens the Celldoor),


    • Place the Rum Barrel on the steplock. The Blue Chest is visible but out of reach.
    • Go back to the Mine.


    • The Powdermonkey shows the Right way.

    Right Shaft (3)(top)

    • The Shaft is flooded and you can swim over the wall. Continue to the Middle Shaft and all the way to the Mine.

    Middle Shaft (3)(top)

    • Go back inside again – the flood is gone. Go all the way to the Stone Wall.
    • Go back to the Mine. All lights are turned off.

    Control Room (3)(top)

    • Turn the Gas on with the heavy lever to the right.
    • Move quickly to where the Gas starts to emerge.
    • Light the Gas with your pistol.
    • Switch to the Middle and Right Shafts with the middle lever on the left side.

    Middle Shaft (3)(top)

    • Repeat you walk to the Stone Wall: A hatch is now visible in the lights of the torches.
    • Go down to the Lower Shaft.

    Lower Shaft(top)

    • Never mind the locked doors at the crossing. Go the other way.
    • Pick up the Saw. A slide starts and the tunnel falls in. You fall down to the Blue Cavern.

    Blue Cavern(top)

    Two exits: One Copper door to the shore and a blocked wooden door.

    In a sideroom a Chest on the ground.

    • Lock the Chest.
    • Hang the Chest on the hook and the wooden door is open.
    • Walk to the Church and go inside.
    • The only open door leads you to the Church Attic.

    Church Attic(top)

    • When talking to Charles Vane don’t say no to his mission. He’ll kill you if you do.

    Church Inside(top)

    • A guard shows the right way to the Chapel.


    • Talk to Governor Silehard before you leave.
    • Go up again and outside. Go through the Blue Cavern and out to the Cave Shore.
    • A guard shows the right way to the Tartane.

    Rocky Shore(top)

    • Go all the way back to Port Royal gates. They are closed.
    • Use the well instead.

    Left Shaft (4)(top)

    • The fog is gone so you can’t pass the skeletons at the crossing anymore. Go the other way: To the Left Inner Shaft.

    Left Inner Shaft (2)(top)

    • Climb the rope hanging down and you are in the Guard Room.
    • Go to the Gibbet Room.

    Gibbet Room (4)(top)

    • Use the Saw on the Gibbet. It falls apart.
    • Pick up the Plank.
    • Go into the Cell.


    • Climb on the open hatch and place the Plank to block the Metal Wall Hatch.
    • Pick up the Rum Barrel from the steplock and place it under the Blue Chest.
    • Step on the Barrel to reach the Chest.
    • Pick up the Blue Costume, the Gold Nugget and Pistol 6.

    The hanged man arrives and takes his Skull back and the floor hatch is closed. He locks the Celldoor as well. You’re locked in the Cell!

    • Step on the Barrel and remove the Plank.
    • Place the Plank so it covers the steplock outside the Cell.
    • Pick up the Barrel and place it on the Plank: The hatch opens. Go to the Mine.


    • Pay the Boatswain with the Gold Nugget and he unlocks to the Loanshark Cellar.


    • Go behind the counter and exit to Town through the back door.