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Woodes Rogers (06) - The Last Reward

Feb 4, 2015
Woodes Rogers (06) - The Last Reward

  • To Rogers’ Port(top)

    • After dialog with Rogers, Caroline and Selkirk go down the stairs to the Shipyard Shore.
    • Enter the Docks and move on to the Shipwreck. Go inside the Cabin. Pick up the Alchemy Book.
    • Enter the Stonehouse opposite the Docks. Use any window as entrance. Pick up a book about Artillery.
    • Pass the Docks and exit the Shipyard Shore through the cave passage to the Prison Ships.
    • At the stern of the Wreck is a small Tartane. Sail it to the Boatshore.
    • Continue the path to Rogers’ Port. Two ships are visible. Go inside the Farmhouse.

    The Farmhouse(top)

    The Kitchen(top)

    • Pick up the Cauldron from the table.

    From the Kitchen you can reach the Bootyroom.

    The Bootyroom(top)

    • Fill the Cauldron with water from the Barrel on the table.

    Go upstairs to Rogers’ Bedroom.

    The Bedroom(top)

    • Charts with Alchemy symbols on the walls. One of them can be pushed aside: Take the book in the niche.
    • Open and close the window: Minerva arrives and it’s open to the Corridor.

    The Corridor(top)

    • Use your pistol to light the candles.
    • Pick up the Parchment.
    • Pick up the Key to Minerva’s room.

    Minerva’s room(top)

    • Pick up a Long Scroll in the bookshelf.
    • Pull the carpet to reveal a floor hatch in the corner.
    • Pull back the carpet again; a Parchment gets visible on the floor.

    Go down to the Alchemy.

    The Alchemy(top)

    • An old Notebook can be found at the inner end of the room.
    • In a rope from the ceiling a plank on the floor: Step on it to give more oxygen to the fire. Two levels of fire.
    • A lever on the side of the fireplace lifts the grating but deactivates the oxygen plank

    Open the door to the Bootyroom.

    Alchemy tutorial(top)

    Right hand items: F3 + F3

    Left hand items: F3 + fire pistol

    Assembling the apparatus(top)

    • Place the waterfilled Cauldron in the fireplace.
    • Pick up a Retort and a Top from some of the Chests in the Bootyroom.

      (Minerva has opened all chests now)

    • Place the Retort in the Cauldron.
    • Place the Top on the Retort.
    • Pick up a Glasstube and a bottle of Champagne in the Bootyroom.
    • Attach the Glasstube to the Top.
    • Fill the Retort with Champagne.
    • Place the Empty Bottle as a receiver on the stool.

    The distill process(top)

    • Lower the grating with the lever.
    • Step twice (NOT MORE!) on the oxygen plank and distillery process starts.
    • Lift the grating again to pick up the half-filled bottle with Alcohol.

    The Mixtable(top)

    • Fill the Empty bottle on the Mixtable with Alcohol.
    • Go to the Bootyroom and fill your now Empty Bottle with water.
    • Fill up the bottle on the Mixtable with water: Now you have something like Cognac.
    • Pick it up. Minerva announces that the boat is ready for you…

    The Anchor mechanism(top)

    The Galleon gundeck(top)

    All doors and hatches are locked. You can climb the mast.

    • It’s open to the Hold: fall down and go up to the Cannon deck.
    • Pick up a Small Pinion here.

    The Corvette(top)

    Cabin door locked, both hatches are blocked.

    • The rope at the hubs takes the Anchor down and the Corvette elevator up!
    • Go down to the yellow cannon deck. Notice the dummy with the Pistol Belt.
    • The Left of the Small Cabins is open: pick up the Wheel.
    • Midships : lift the Cannon and pick up the Large Pinion.
    • Place the Large Pinion on the Right hub and the Small Pinion on the Left.
    • Place the Wheel on the Right hub.
    • Now it’s possible to lift up the Anchor again. A rope is attached to it.
    • Pick up the Rope.

    The Galleon mast(top)

    • Climb the mast and place the rope in the rigging.

    The Corvette(top)

    The Anchor makes this new rope go up and down like the Elevator.

    Check that the Anchor is up.

    The Galleon hold(top)

    • Go down into the Hold and attach the Ropes to the elevator.

    The Corvette(top)

    • Anchor down: notice the Tool that’s underneath the Elevator.

    The Galleon hold(top)

    • Go down into the Hold again: pick up the Planks that were under the Elevator. When you enter the deck again, the Quartermaster has taken up the Anchor (and down the Elevator).

    The Corvette(top)

    • Anchor down.

    The Galleon(top)

    • Place the Planks over the hole to the Hold.

    The Corvette(top)

    • Anchor up: the Elevator stops on top of the Planks.

    The Galleon galley(top)

    • Go down into the Hold, climb the short ladder and pick up the Tool.
    • Use the Tool on the blocked door in the prow Gundeck.
    • Pick up the Copperas in the Galley.
    • Go to the Alchemy lab in the Farm.

    The Copper lock(top)

    In the Corvette (yellow) Gundeck a Metal door is locked with a Copper lock.

    The Alchemy(top)

    • Place an empty bottle on the Mixtable and fill it up with Water and Copperas.
    • Fill the Retort with this liquid. Close the Fireplace, step on the Plank twice and the distill process starts. You have made Sulphuric Acid! It has to be diluted to melt Copper.
    • Mix it with Water on the Mixtable. Be sure to pour Acid into Water – not the other way around! You have made Diluted Sulphuric Acid. Pick up the bottle.

    The Corvette Gundeck(top)

    • Anchor down, both elevators up. Go down to the (yellow) Gundeck.
    • Use the Diluted Sulphuric Acid on the Right Cabin door (the Metal door).
    • Go inside and pick up another bottle of Sulphuric Acid and all the Nitrate.
    • Go back to the Alchemy lab.

    The Silver lock(top)

    In the Galleon Hold a Metal door is locked with a Silver lock.

    The Alchemy(top)

    • Mix Sulphuric Acid and Nitrate on the Mixtable.
    • Distill the Mixture. You have made Nitric Acid. It has to be diluted to melt Silver.
    • Mix it with Water on the Mixtable. Be sure to pour Acid into Water – not the other way around! You have made Aqua Fortis. Pick up the bottle.

    The Galleon Hold(top)

    • Go down into the Hold and use the Mixture on the Metal door.
    • In the next Hold (with hammocks) use the Tool once again on the planks that are blocking the stairway.

    The Galleon Cabin(top)

    • Pick up the Powderhorn from a Chest and fill it up with (18) Gunpowder.

    Cannon drill 1(top)

    • Use the Corvette’s Shipbell to summon the Guncrew.

      The Cannon can be fired but as it points at the Sea a shot will have no effect.

    • If the Cannon is up in the air: Order Turn, and the Cannon is now pointing at the stern of the Corvette.
    • Lower the Cannon down to the Box with the other rope.

    The Commands(top)

    1. 1- Sponge (if the Cannon recently has been fired)
    2. 2- Gunpowder
    3. 3- Wad
    4. 4- Shot
    5. 5- Ram
    6. 6- Fire

    The shot hits the Corvette’s Shipbell.

    • Before the next shot: Order Move and the Cannon is moved a little to the left.

    This shot demolishes the goods pile on the Corvette’s Quarterdeck.

    Lifting the Cannon(top)

    Ropes that were hidden are now within reach.

    • Pull the ropes and the Cannon is lifted very high in the air.
    • Take down the Cannon (with the ordinary rope for that) and it crashes the wooden box to pieces.
    • The Cannon is still blocking the hatch so lift it one more time and the entrance to the Crew’s Quarters is free.
    • Go down and pick up two Acid bottles and the Salt. Go to the Alchemy lab.

    The Gold lock(top)

    In the Galleon Stern Gundeck a Metal hatch over the stair is locked with a Gold lock.

    The Alchemy(top)

    • Mixing Salt with Sulphuric Acid gives Hydrochloric Acid.
    • Place the half-full bottle of Nitric Acid on the Mixtable. Fill up with Hydrochloric Acid.

      Now it’s a 50/50 mixture.

    • Place the half-full bottle of Hydrochloric Acid on the table. Fill up with the 50/50 mixture. Now it’s a 75/25 mixture called Aqua regis. Pick up the bottle.

    The Galleon stern gundeck(top)

    • Use the Aqua Regis on the metal hatch over the stairs.

    Captain’s quarters(top)

    • It’s locked to the large cabin. Try instead the door at the end of the left gallery.
    • Out on the quarterdeck use the wheel to open the large cabin. (and lock the metal hatch)
    • In the Large cabin check the box on the sofa: it contains Cannonballs. One of the Gunners equips himself with Cannonballs.
    • Leave the Cabin and repeat the Wheel procedure on quarterdeck to get to the Gundeck.

    Cannon drill 2(top)

    • Use the ship bell on the Corvette to call out the Guncrew again.
    • Perform the complete Cannon drill and fire at the Corvette’s Cabin door.
    • Visit the WC and take a little rest here. Flush yourself down to the lower Cabin.
    • Pick up the Compasses on the chair and the Map on the chest.
    • Push the bolt aside to open to Crew quarter’s.

    Map and Compasses(top)

    The door to the Hold is locked from the other side with the key still placed in the lock.

    • Place the Map on the deck at the door.
    • Push it under the door.
    • Use the Compasses to make the key fall down on the Map.
    • Pull the Map out and pick up the key. Open to the Hold.
    • Pick up the Belt from the dummy.
    • Out in the Crew quarter’s again: Equip the Belt! You have got a very powerful weapon.
    • Exit via the chair in Crew quarter´s to weather deck.