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Tales of a Chevalier Walkthrough

Apr 22, 2016
Tales of a Chevalier Walkthrough
  • This walkthrough was created using Build 14 Beta 1 Patch 5 it may differ from other versions of the game.

    SAVE HERE – I have put this at a couple of places where you are about to have to make major choices. If you follow this advice, should you want to make a different choice, it should be easy to use this save and continue.


    Arrival (top)

    Start on a Beach – Punta de Maisi, Cuba – man runs up to you – QB Update

    Talks to you – Fight - Kill him

    ( if you are killed and recover in Tavern – go back to Punta de Maisi through jungle and he will still be there fight & kill him )

    After you have killed him – soldiers appear and talk to you

    Transported to prison

    SAVE HERE – before jailer talks to you – there is a choice in his dialog.

    Jailer talks to you – CHOICE – Pay jailer OR Wait for crew

    Pay Jailer (top)

    Transported out of cell – Fight Spanish soldiers – jailer talks to you – QB Update

    Exit prison – exit town by gate next to prison – in jungle crew member runs up and talks to you – QB Update

    Go to Bahia de San Antonio ( go straight ahead ) – crew runs up and talks to you – Transported to Ship deck – smuggler talks to you – fight.

    Find entrance to Crews quarters – enter and fight smugglers – go to entrance to Captains Cabin – enter – Captain talks to you – fight & kill him – your crew member talks to you – transported to sea - QB Update - ( you have now captured the smuggler’s Lugger )

    Sail to Hopital, Hispaniola.

    Wait for Crew (top)

    Crew arrive and talk to you – transported out of cell – fight & kill jailer – exit prison – Spanish soldier talks to you – fight soldiers – crewmember talks to you

    Go to church – enter church by small back door – Priest talks to you – Automatic change of clothes – priest talks to you again & becomes officer

    Go to port- Spanish soldiers at far end of jetty talk to you – QB Update

    Auto-transported to ship - Spanish Galleon (Fluyt )

    Sail to Hopital, Hispaniola.

    Voglestruijs (top)

    Go to Hopital townhall

    Talk to Contre-Amiral Beauregard ( only important choice in dialog is agreeing to work for him – you must agree to do this ) – QB Update x2

    Sail to Kralendijk, Bonaire

    On jetty dockworker walks up and talks to you – QB Update

    Go and find Smugglers House in front of Townhall.

    SAVE HERE – before entering Smugglers house

    Enter house – talk to self – Auto-walk – talk to self – QB Update & Receive item

    Smugglers wife walks down stairs & talks to you.

    CHOICES in dialog

    a)She calls guards – fight & kill them then leave - QB Update

    b)She calls her lover - fight & kill him then leave - QB Update

    c)Fight & kill her –or steal her money and jewellery then leave - QB Update

    d)Bribe her to say nothing then leave - QB Update

    Sail to Hopital, Hispaniola

    Talk to Contre-Amiral Beauregard

    SAVE HERE – before exiting town-hall

    Exit town hall – crewmember dressed as priest standing outside tavern talks to you ( might need to walk towards him to trigger )


    EITHER Go to Boca de Yuman by land through jungle – crew appear – ( This path not possible still W.I.P. cannot get to Boca de Yuman )

    OR Go to ship and sail to Boca de Yuman – Transported to Shipdeck – boarding in progress – crewmember talks to you – fight & kill smuggler crew and captain – transported to cargo hold – talk to self – go to gunpowder storage – talk to self – transported to sea – watch Vogelstruijs sink – QB Update.

    Sail to Hopital, Hispanola

    Talk to Contre-Amiral Beauregard – QB Update

    The End of the Quest – for the moment.

    A complete list of the Side Quests available is given here: Side Quests