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OBSOLETE: - Search for Bartolomeu’s ship

Feb 4, 2015
OBSOLETE: - Search for Bartolomeu’s ship
  • This Quest has been replaced in Build 14 Beta 3-4 by Search for Peter Bloods Ship ( same quest just different character)

    This walkthrough was created using Build 14 Alpha 9.5 Patch 4 it may differ from other versions of the game.

    Must be Level 14 or higher to get this quest

    Have Bartolomeu as officer

    Sail to Pointe a Pitre, Guadeloupe

    On Jetty Bartolomeu runs off ( watch him go ) – talk to self

    Go to store – Enter Store - Bartolomeu talks to you – agree to talk to Francisco Cruz – talk to him – Automatically walk back to Bartolomeu, he talks to you - Quest Book opens.

    Go to Brothel – talk to man standing outside – Go and talk to Cecile Bienbonne – on exiting her house - Bartolomeu talks to you – Go to Barracks, by gate to jungle plantation.

    Go through Barracks to Guardhouse – talk to soldier Etienne Dupuis – Bribe Him.

    In Prison talk to Txiki Pijuan – in cell at far end – leave – spend night in tavern, come back - talk to Txiki Pijuan again – talk to Etienne Dupuis again.

    On leaving Barracks - Bartolomeu talks to you – Go to Residence – talk to Governor about prisioner – pay 10,000 for Txiki Pijuan release – Leave Residence - Bartolomeu talks to you – go back to Prison - talk to Txiki Pijuan again.

    Go to tavern – talk business to tavernkeeper – say you want to give free rum to Santiago’s crew.

    Transported to outside tavern - Bartolomeu talks to you – Automatic walk to beside the jetty – watch crew arrive at tavern - Bartolomeu talks to you – Leave town by Plantation gate – go right to next section of jungle – go right again - Txiki Pijuan standing outside fort enterance – talk to him – go to Anse Casse-Bois – path opposite the fort entrance ( not back the way you came)

    On beach talk to 2 pirates – kill them - Bartolomeu talks to you.

    Transported to ships deck – challenged by pirate – kill the pirates – Pedro Rivera talks to you – Bartolomeu challenges him – wait a moment then - Bartolomeu talks to you

    Transported to Shore - Txiki Pijuan talks to you.

    Quest closed