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Lucas the Admirals Son & Justine Le Moigne

Oct 16, 2015
Lucas the Admirals Son & Justine Le Moigne
  • LUCAS - Admirals Missing Son Side Quest which continues as Justine Le Moigne’s Disappearance

    This walkthrough was created using Build 14 Beta 4 it may differ from other versions of the game.

    LUCAS - Admirals Missing Son(top)

    NOTE:- Depending on your level this quest can be played before you meet Davy Jones in the Main Story - Once you meet Davy Jones you can not play this quest until after Curse of the Black Pearl in the Main Story --- To start this before meeting Davy Jones - your Level must be more than 4 - go to Saint Domingue , Hispaniola, Town hall and talk to the Admiral

    After recovering the Black Pearl at end of Curse of the Black Pearl - sail to Tortuga – Go to Tavern – talk to Thomas Tipman – he tells you about Admiral’s missing son

    Go to Saint Domingue, Hispaniola, Town Hall – talk to Admiral Joaquim Da Saldanha – QB Update

    Sail to St Pierre, Martinique – talk to tavern keeper ask about Lucas – QB update

    Go to jungle just outside town gates, - Governors daughter & 2 soldiers there – talk to soldiers & Justine Le Moigne – QB Update

    Sail back to Saint Domingue, Hispaniola and talk to Admiral – 30 day time limit to deliver ransom – QB Update

    Sail to La Grenade – go to tavern in Smugglers Lair – inside door talk to self – go and talk to kidnappers – Follow kidnapper to another house – inside kidnapper talks to you – Lucas appears

    Decide pay over ransom or not.

    Lucas free – talks to you – QB Update - talks to you outside house

    Sail to Saint Domingue, Hispaniola – go to town hall - Autowalk - Admiral talks to you – gives reward – QB Update

    Lucas talks to you - Wants to join crew Accept / Reject – Reject will wait in town hall for you

    Lucas joins crew (WAIT 3 MONTHS sail around & do something else e.g. another quest ) then on a jetty Lucas asks to go and see Justine Le Moigne on Martinique. Say YES/NO – QB Update

    Justine Le Moigne’s Disappearance (top)

    Say Yes – Sail to St Pierre, Martinique – on jetty Capt Maggee walks up and talks to you – Lucas talks – QB Update

    Go and talk to Governor – Lucas interrupts - Q B Update

    Outside Townhall Capt. Maggee runs up and talks to you – sails with you.

    Sail to Havana, Cuba – on jetty Capt. Maggee talks to you & leaves – Go talk to Port Admiral, Talicerdor at residence (looks like Port Royale Town Hall) .

    Talk to Port Admiral Talicerdor – QB Update

    Sail to Marigot, St Martin (Quest book update on jetty tells you where to go ) – Go talk to Governor – QB Update

    Go and talk to tavernkeeper – QB Update

    Sail to Philipsburg, St Martin – Go talk to Governor – QB Update

    Go talk to Tavern keeper – Go to store and talk to Fisherman in store (Reynoud Verheugen) – QB update

    Sail to Baie D’Orient, St Martin – Talk to body of soldier lying on sand – given chest- QB update.

    Sail to Grand Turk, Turks - go to Library– ( 2nd section of Grand Turk ) – Enter – talk to self – auto walk – Talk to self

    Exit Library – talk to self – leave Grand Turk – Outside port Gate - Davy Jones Crew member walks up and talks to you – QB Update

    Sail to Havana, Cuba – talk to Port Admiral Talicerdor – QB Update

    Set Sail to St Pierre Martinique - Enter World Map then Exit - transported to Davy Jones on Deck – Davy Jones talks to you – Justine Le Moigne appears & talks to you – QB Update

    Sail to St Pierre, Martinique ( Sea not available on deck go to Cabin or Hold to Access) - if you take more than 30 days the KRAKEN will attack you

    Flying Dutchman attacks you in Martinique waters

    You will need Officers or Crew with you when you go ashore at St Pierre

    Take Justine Le Moigne to Governor – talk to Governor - Transported out of Town Hall attacked by Davy Jones’ crew - in middle of fight talk to self then run through town gates to left ( not the port gates) - Davy Jones’ crew member talks to you – Transported to town beach - Davy Jones’ crew member talks to you – Auto walk to Davy Jones - he talks to you - Hit Him – Shot

    Transported to Tavern Room - talk to Justine Le Moigne – Go and talk to Governor - given reward - QB update.

    Outside Town Hall Capt Maggee runs up & talks to you – says take Tia Dalma on next voyage & leaves

    Sail – Enter World map – transported to Ship Deck – Davy Jones talks to you– Tia Dalma talks to Davy Jones – leaves with him - QB Update - now back at sea.