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Jun 28, 2016
  • This information is for Build 14 Beta 4

    This story offers choices and consequences. From the start you have choices about your character which will influence the story in various ways, and during the story you will have options
    which will enable or disable subsequent parts of the plot.

    The year is 1691. Spain's might is fading. France is flexing its military and diplomatic muscles, seeking to become the new dominant power. The rest of Europe does not like this and has
    joined together in the Grand Alliance. All the nations with power in the Caribbean are now at war with France. But at the moment this is of little concern to Captain Ardent, whose ship has
    just been boarded by the Spanish navy and who faces imminent arrest. But first Ardent faces the Inquisitor...

    Side Quests:
    All side quests are available and can be played when convenient.

    Main Story:

    The Inquisitor:
    The Inquisitor will ask you three questions, the answers to which will determine your character.

    "Who are you?"
    . "I am Charles Ardent"
    . "I am Helen Ardent"
    You may play a male or female character. This will also dictate whether certain main other characters are male or female.

    "What do you want?"
    . "I want adventure, excitement and romance." - You're a hero along the lines of classic films. The game will assume that you're a good guy / girl.
    . "Never mind all that nonsense. I'm a black-hearted sea-robber and am only interested in gold, gold and more gold!" - You're definitely not a hero! The game will assume that you're evil.

    "Who do you serve and who do you trust?"
    . "What part of 'PIRATES of the Caribbean' don't you understand?" - You're a pirate! Other pirates are your friends, all nations are hostile.
    . "I serve only myself and trust only my sword. I won't start any fights but I will finish them." - You're Personal. Pirates are hostile, Spain is hostile, everyone else is Wary.


    After talking to the Spanish officer who is arresting you, you relocate to Havana prison. Prison warden Eldo Fiz visits you to feed you, waits a while, then walks away. A day passes,
    some of your crew die of maltreatment, then Fiz returns. After a few days of this, the prison commandant visits and passes sentence. You are executed.

    But Fiz doesn't walk away. Check your questbook to see why you have a sandbag. Prison warden Eldo Fiz visits to feed you, waits a while, and you hit him with the sandbag. You can either
    stun him or keep hitting him until he dies. Then steal his sword, leather jacket and most importantly, key. (If you killed him and don't get the key, you won't get another chance and will
    need to restart the game.) Taking the key gets you out of the cell.

    One of your officers notices that you're free. Another officer is in the next cell along from him. Walk to the cell door to release the second officer. Then walk into the corridor, where
    an Indian warrior asks you to release him. Do so - escape will be much harder without him, and he is critical to a major quest. Then fight three guards, which is much easier if you released
    the Indian as he's a vicious fighter, and currently immortal so try to let him get in front and be the target of the guards' muskets. After the guards you face the prison commandant, and this
    time you have to fight him yourself. Loot the body to get all your equipment, a letter (which triggers the "Payroll Ship" quest) and a key which will get you out of the prison. The "Imprisoned"
    quest ends when you leave the prison.

    Crew Rescue:

    If you chose to play good and did not kill the warden, or if you chose to play evil and did kill the warden, one of your officers approves of your action. Several soldiers appear and run towards
    you. If you're reasonably lucky you can kill them without losing any officers. The Indian is no longer immortal so look after him! Do not try to get to the port yet; more search parties may try
    to hunt you, town guards will join in, and if you make it to the port you won't be able to steal a ship as you have no crew. Instead, go through the gate to the jungle.

    Outside town, the Indian introduces himself as Two Dogs Fighting and offers a new deal - if you'll take him home, he'll take you to the slave camp where your crew are held. Accepting the offer
    triggers the "Take Two Dogs Home" quest. Follow Two Dogs as he leads you to the slave camp. Talk to the camp commandant, then fight him and the guards. If any of the crew survived, one of
    them will talk to you. If you chose to play as Charles Ardent, you receive a Spanish soldier's uniform.

    Back in the jungle, Two Dogs reminds you of the deal. If you're good, you automatically agree to take him to Isla Mona. If you're evil you have the choice to refuse, in which case he'll attack
    you and you will not be able to do the "Mayan Temple" quest, so choose to agree. Return to Havana - from the slave camp exit, turn left, then right, then left. When you re-enter Havana the
    "Crew Rescue" quest ends.

    Payroll Ship:

    The prison commandant's letter orders him to provide security troops for a payroll ship. After rescuing your crew, you send them to the port to steal a ship, while you go to the tavern to find
    out more. If you are Charles Ardent, change outfit to the Spanish uniform. Look for Bolimirus Carretero and talk to him to learn that the payroll ship is the 'Siroco' and will sail to Santiago
    in two weeks. What he doesn't tell you is that it will arrive two weeks after that, so you have at most four weeks from now to complete the quest.

    Go to the port, where your crew have stolen a very small ship and disposed of the crew. Sail to Santiago. On arrival at Santiago, notice that there's nothing in port worth stealing so you need
    to pass some time in the tavern, and you'll also need to buy a map of Cuba from the store. If it's day, you can go straight to the store, otherwise go to the tavern first.

    The store should have a map of Cuba in stock but occasionally you won't be able to buy it - perhaps the storekeeper recognised you, or perhaps he isn't selling maps. If not, you'll be able to
    steal the map if you return at night. Then run, either to the tavern or to the town exit, because a squad of soldiers will react. But normally you should be able to buy the map without any

    When you talk to the tavern keeper, he offers a free drink to celebrate an engagement. If you're Charles Ardent then the governor's daughter is engaged to the son of an English merchant; if you
    are Helen then the governor's son is engaged to the merchant's daughter. Either way, it triggers the "Kidnap" quest. Hire the tavern room.

    The following day or night (depending on what time you hired the room), go to the port as if to board your ship. Instead you'll board a different ship. Talk to the angry captain and tell him
    about free drinks in the tavern. After relocating back to port, tell your officers to follow the sailor which the captain sent to check the tavern. Automatically walk to the next pier. Time
    passes. Observe the ship's crew run off to the tavern. Go back to the ship, where only a couple of deck hands remain. Fight them, then walk to the door on the left, which leads to the
    captain's cabin. Fight the captain. Note from ship's papers that the ship is the 'Tonina' and the captain was Esteban Rovapera. Leave the cabin. Two Spanish soldiers have heard the fighting
    and come to investigate. Talk to one of them and say that the ship is the 'Tonina' and you are Esteban Rovapera. If you say anything else, you'll be arrested, game over. If you get it right,
    you relocate to the dock, where your officers have returned and warn you that a mob is approaching - the crew are returning. Board the ship and sail to Port Royale, where you can hire a full
    crew. Return to Cuba and sail to Playa de Sierra Maestra. Land there.

    At Playa de Sierra Maestra, tell your officer to post a lookout. Time passes, the 'Siroco' is sighted. Save game now! The next bit is very risky. If you don't already have a false flag,
    board ship and change flag to Spanish or anything friendly to Spain *before* you go to sea. The 'Siroco' should initially be friendly due to your false flag. Get into a good position to
    board, raise a pirate flag to initiate hostility, then board. (For preference, load the cannons with grapeshot before you change flag, then fire a broadside to weaken the enemy crew before
    boarding.) You'll need to board quickly because you're in range of Santiago fort and can not afford to chase the 'Siroco' around. After winning the boarding battle, swap ship to the
    'Siroco', then sail away as soon as possible. The "Payroll Ship" quest concludes when you have captured the 'Siroco' or if you took too long to get to Playa de Sierra Maestra and the ship
    arrived in port.

    Take Two Dogs Home:

    Sail to Isla Mona. There is no port, only a landing beach on the east of the island. Go inland to the central clearing, turn left and go through the wooden gate to the Taino village. The
    chief's hut is on the right. Inside, chief Soaring Hawk talks to you and you learn Two Dogs' secret. Two Dogs leaves you. Talk again to the chief to trigger the "Mayan Temple" quest.
    "Take Two Dogs Home" concludes when you deliver Two Dogs to the chief's hut, if you betray him after you rescued your crew, or if he gets killed. Only a successful delivery will allow you
    the "Mayan Temple" quest.

    Mayan Temple:

    Chief Soaring Hawk tells you of the legend of how the Taino came to Isla Mona from Hispaniola. He wants you to find a temple on Hispaniola and bring back evidence that the Taino were
    victims of the Maya, which would prove that the Taino did indeed come from Hispaniola. Accept the offer. Sail to Santo Domingo. In the tavern, find Mauricio Juradu and pay him to lead
    you to the temple. In port (or on the beach, if you moored there) Juradu will tell you that you need to go to Cape Francos. Sail there. Juradu will lead you to the temple area and stay near
    the exit back to the jungle. You will need to fight a lot of Indians to get to the temple itself, and several more inside.

    Inside the temple, follow the skull/sun signs. If you've ever played "Tales of a Sea Hawk", the same signs in the Cozumel temple lead to where you place the idol, but you don't quite go the
    whole way. Your attention will be drawn to a room with tiled markings on the wall. In that room, find and pick up the Taino Rug. Return to the temple exit (which looks like a solid wall
    as the temple was designed for the stock game, where you don't leave the same way). Fight more Indians to get to the jungle, then return to the beach. Make sure you loot at least one bow and
    some arrows.

    At the beach, your ship has disappeared. Find fisherman Doolin Becart and offer to pay him to take you to Boca de Hubon. If you're good and have successfully completed "Payroll Ship" you can
    travel for free. If you're evil you can kill Becart and steal his ship. Or just pay him. Sail to Boca de Hubon. Walk to the Buccaneers' Camp and go into the tavern. Mauricio Juradu is
    trying to recruit a gang to take over your ship. Challenge, fight and kill him to get your ship back.

    Sail back to Isla Mona. Go to the Taino village, enter the chief's hut, and talk to him. He takes the Taino Rug. You get various accessories for the bow. Two Dogs offers to rejoin you as
    an officer. "Mayan Temple" concludes when you have returned and talked to Chief Soaring Hawk.


    After learning about the engagement of the governor's daughter to the merchant's son (*), visit the governor to learn more. Walk down the sidestreet leading to the church to have your attention
    drawn to a window. Talk to a citizen (the sort of person who will give you directions, tell you about local people or spread rumours). Keep talking until you learn that all is not well with
    the forthcoming marriage. There are now two ways to get into Lucia de la Vega's (*) bedroom: by night or by day.

    Night: acquire a lockpick and preferably at least two poisoned throwing knives. The story does not provide these, you'll need to either find them in random chests or buy them from sneaky
    traders. Kill the two guards outside the town hall. (Doing this by simply hitting them with a sword will trigger lots of reinforcements and you will probably die. Sometimes one of them
    detects the throwing knife, so save game before you start throwing.) Move to the town hall door. If you have a lockpick (it does not need to be equipped), you will hear the lock being
    forced, then relocate into the town hall.

    Persuade Grigorio Formoselle to take you to the bedroom. Talk to Lucia (*). You can say that this is a kidnap, or if you got the rumour about Lucia (*) not being happy with Piers (*), you
    can offer to rescue her. Either way, relocate to the town hall main room and persuade the governor to let you leave.

    Outside, a guard challenges you. If you told Lucia (*) that this is a kidnap, she will call for help and you'll have to fight the guards along with all the reinforcements. If you said that
    it is a rescue, she will vouch for you and the guard will let you go. Head to the port.

    Day: sail to Port Royale. Ask the tavern keeper about the wedding. He will tell you where to find the Downing house (through the gate by the town hall. Talk to Piers Downing (*) and accept
    a job to deliver a letter to Lucia de la Vega (*). Sail to Santiago, go to the town hall and talk to Grigorio Formoselle, who will take the letter. Return to Piers Downing (*) and tell the
    truth, that you had to hand the letter to the servant - if you try to lie, he will know and will not hire you again. If you tell the truth, you will get a job to deliver a second letter along
    with a ring. Sail to Santiago, go to the town hall and talk to Grigorio Formoselle, who this time will take you to the bedroom.

    Talk to Lucia (*). She reads the letter and is not happy. You have the options of asking for a reply and then returning to Piers (*) to be paid, saying that this is a kidnap, or offering to
    rescue Lucia (*). If you take the reply then you will not get into the bedroom again except by the night method. If you offer to rescue and have a bow and arrow, you can tell Lucia (*) to
    watch the window, leading to the Bow Rescue. Otherwise you relocate to the town hall main room and persuade the governor to let you leave.

    Outside, a guard challenges you. If you told Lucia (*) that this is a kidnap, you'll have to fight the guards. If you said that it's a rescue, she'll vouch for you. Your cover story is that
    you're here to buy a wedding ring and the guard will insist on escorting you. All exits except the store are blocked and the guard will get suspicious if you try to go anywhere else. Enter
    the store, leave the store, talk to the guard. In the port area, move forward until Lucia (*) talks to you, then run to the ship. The guard will follow and try to attack. If you kill him,
    the other guards will join in, but if you're on the dock then they're far enough away that they can not get to you soon enough.

    Bow Rescue: If you followed the Day method and have a bow and arrow, you can offer to help Lucia (*), then tell her to watch the window. At night, go to the side street leading to the church.
    You auto-equip the bow, hear an arrow being shot, then relocate to the bedroom. Talk to Lucia (*), and relocate back to the street. Talk to Lucia (*), then head for the port. A guard will
    challenge you. Lucia (*) persuades him to let you pass. Go to the ship.

    At the ship: Before you can board, Lucia (*) asks your intentions. If you said this is a kidnap, your only choice is to say that she will be a prisoner until you can arrange a ransom. If you
    said that it is a rescue then you also have the option to say that she will be a guest in your cabin until you decide what to do. You can now board the ship.

    Ransom: Lucia (*) is now a prisoner in your ship's hold. Go to Santiago town hall and talk to the governor to negotiate a ransom. Accept it. At night, sail to Playa de Sierra Maestra.
    Talk to Grigorio Formoselle. Lucia (*) will be released and you will receive the agreed ransom. Never visit the Santiago governor again, he intends revenge and has taken some serious fencing

    Guest: In your ship's cabin, talk to Lucia (*). The first time she will mention writing a letter. The second time she will have done so. After that, initially your only choice will be to
    offer to release Lucia (*). After a week, you can also offer to hire her as an officer or propose marriage, but the marriage proposal will not be taken seriously until at least two weeks after
    departure. She will only agree to sign on as an officer if you have made peace with Spain.

    Take the letter to the governor of Santiago. He is surprisingly forgiving; your questbook gives a possible reason.

    Take Lucia (*) to San Juan. You can either sail into port under a false flag or land at the beach; either way, Lucia (*) leaves you as soon as you arrive in San Juan. When you go to sea,
    Lucia (*) moves to the plaza with the town hall and church, where you can find her again if you return to San Juan. Town life is very boring compared to the time aboard your ship...

    The Kidnap quest concludes when you have obtained the ransom, hired Lucia (*) as an officer, or successfully proposed marriage.


    If you talk to Lucia (*) in your cabin at least two weeks after getting her out of Santiago, or after revisiting her in San Juan, you can propose marriage. There are conditions.
    • You must be at peace with Spain.
    • You must prove your love. This can be done the following ways:
      • A gift. Lucia will accept any brooch, pendant or necklace. Suitable gifts for Edmundo are the swords you took from quest enemies - the prison warden's cutlass, the prison commandant's
        light tizona, the snow brig captain's tizona or the payroll ship captain's Spanish cup-hilt rapier. The sword must be polished to Excellent standard. But a cutlass is still just a cutlass and
        will be scorned. The others are acceptable.
      • Logic. Explain what you've done for Lucia (*). This won't work in the cabin but will work in San Juan as you've done more for her there.
      • Sweet talk. If your Leadership is high enough, you can say something flattering.
    • You must have a wedding ring. Only a gold ring will do - a bronze or silver ring will be regarded almost as an insult.
    When all the above are fulfilled, return to Santiago to seek the governor's permission. Initially this is denied - he does not want his daughter marrying a pirate! And he wants a lot of money. If you
    refuse, Lucia (*) gets upset and so does the governor. If you don't have the money, you can go away and get it by whatever means you like, so long as it doesn't end with you becoming hostile to Spain again.
    (So if you're going to raise the money by piracy, be careful - don't attack ships owned by Spain or her allies.) When you have enough money, you can agree to pay it and to renounce piracy. You can then
    choose one of your officers to be an escort. The escort will be chosen from any of your active shore party officers, but if you would prefer someone else, you have the option to leave the dialog, assign
    someone else to your shore party, then talk to the governor again to pick that officer. Or you can decline to have any escort at all.

    Spend a few nights in the tavern - rent a room, then time passes automatically until it's time to head for the church. In church, walk up to the priest. Events proceed automatically. If you picked an escort,
    he congratulates you. The governor talks to you. Return to the town hall. Ardent has to attend the reception but you as player are excused until you talk to the governor afterwards. Transfer to the bedroom,
    where Ardent makes it clear you are not welcome! Next day, talk to the governor before leaving - he has a wedding present for you.

    The Marriage quest concludes after the night in the bedroom.

    (*) If you are playing as Charles Ardent, you will meet governor's daughter Lucia de la Vega and merchant's son Piers Downing. If you choose to play as Helen Ardent, you will meet governor's
    son Edmundo de la Vega and merchant's daughter Valerie Downing instead. The walkthrough would get messy if it mentioned everyone every time so it assumes you are Charles, the default choice.
    The plot is the same either way, only the names have changed.

    Easter Eggs:

    On the way from Havana to the slave camp, one of the jungle scenes has a mound with a tree. Standing by the tree is a monkey. Unlike most monkeys, this one is friendly. Too friendly. It
    attaches itself to your party permanently and greets you every time you walk to a new scene. You can never get rid of it.

    After talking to Chief Soaring Hawk about quests, you can talk to him about the island. He will tell you a bit about Isla Mona's history. This is part genuine history, part game history
    with a reference to the "Assassin" storyline, and part made up for this storyline.

    After taking you to Boca de Hubon (and if you didn't kill him), Doolin Becart continues to Port au Prince. You can find him in the port. He'll offer to sell you some fish, which translates
    to Food which is cheaper than at the store, though only in small amounts. If Two Dogs is with you, he will say something possibly amusing.