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Bartlomeu O Portuguese

Oct 8, 2015
Bartlomeu O Portuguese
  • Bartolomue was a portuguese was not the most happy and succesful buccaneer. he started his independant career in a small vessel of 30 men and 4 guns. Though along Cuba he met up with a large spanish ship which he attacked and was repelled losing half hid men then regained the prize, it was a great prize it was crating chests filled with 70,000 pieces of eight, and many sacks of Cacao beans.

    He took the new spanish prize and abandoned his former vessel but when Bartlomue tried to sail back to Jamaica contray winds forced him west along Cuba where 3 spanish men of war spotted him and captured him. Designed to hang the next morning he and his crew escaped and found a buccaneering ship that took them back to Port Royal. Bartlomeu wanting revenge he and 20 men in a sea going canoe returned to the place where he was designed to be hung, cut off the rope that held his prize he took before his capture and sailed off with it, with only the 70,000 pieces of eight.

    Unfortunaley for him Batlomeu's prize ran aground and his crew had to abandon the ship the gold, goods and their provisions. Bartolomeu managed to get back to Port Royal and continued his attacks but got little cash for "many viloent attacks on the spaniards without gaining much profit from marauding, for I saw him dying in the greatest wretcheness in the world"- Alexander Exquemelin.