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Spanish quest line (new).

Discussion in 'City of Abandoned Ships Gameplay & Tips' started by giocoso, Mar 4, 2010.

  1. giocoso

    giocoso Freebooter

    Sep 20, 2009
    Quote from old topic
    In the end of 5th quest, after the murder of Mansfield I have appointed an my officer to govern La Vega. I also paid 1,750,000 to the "diplomatic" in Puerto Principe to prevent attacks on the city.
    But returning to the city after more than a month, and even after two months, I see that it is always empty and my official there is no more in the residence.
    In other missions I saw that the cities conquered in my name live again after a few days.
    For La Vega is different?
    Is a bug?
    Perhaps it is not possible to own La Vega?
  2. giocoso

    giocoso Freebooter

    Sep 20, 2009
    Nobody does the quest-line Spanish? :shrug
  3. piratesjunkie

    piratesjunkie Master Mariner

    Jul 25, 2009
    i have the same problem as you giocoso and posted it already in the old spanish questline thread a view days ago, maybe you saw that:

    "Well, i kept La Vega and told one of my officers to take care of the city and that i will pass by reguarly from time to time to pick up the taxes. But always when i pass by, even after more than one year, there is absolutely nothing going on there. No Officer and no one else. The City is absolutely empty an dead. Is this normal and does the tax payment happen automaticly? I didn´t realize anything in my money account and didn´t even get any message in my log book, only that i was putting an officer to take care of La Vega. Is that right like this?" :wacko:

    Maybe the only solution is to ask that kind of question in the seaward.ru forum but i tried already more than one year to get registered there and they never replied to me. Maybe you are more lucky than me. :(

    There is also another important thing that people should know if they are playing the spanish questline. Normaly you can´t lose your money that you were putting to banks from capital cities where the general gouverneur is resident but it happened to me that the general gouverneur was moving from Havana to Portobello as soon as i started capturing cities for the spanish crown and i wasn´t aware of this issue. suddenly i got a message that i lost all my money in the bank of havana and that were 13 000 000 Piaster at that time, so that i got extremly shocked. My luck was that i had an older save game, so that i could move my money to Portobelo right in time. :facepalm
  4. giocoso

    giocoso Freebooter

    Sep 20, 2009
    :shock .... xD:
    For the problem of La Vega, in the end I surrendered to Spain. But continues to remain uninhabited.

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