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Caribbean! released on Steam and GOG

Discussion in 'PiratesAhoy! News' started by Red Back Dude, Feb 21, 2015.

  • by Red Back Dude, Feb 21, 2015 at 12:02 AM
  • Red Back Dude

    Red Back Dude HoO Team Member Promotion News Gatherer Hearts of Oak Donator

    Jun 20, 2014
    Capitán General,
    33° 51' S 151° 15' E
    After spending time in early access development Caribbean! has been released today with version 1.000 and statements from the devs on steam as well as their website http://snowbirdgames.com/?cat=11



    Hi everyone,

    Today we’re putting out the release version of ‘Caribbean!’. On this occasion we’d like to say a few words about the new things you’ll be able to find in the game since the last update and what you can expect in the future.

    The release version now has a new storyline which we didn’t show before. Some of its parts could of course be noticed during Early Access by the most attentive players, but hopefully nobody spoiled themselves just yet.

    Secondly, companion hiring. Now players can appoint them as ship captains as well.

    Next is treasure hunting system. We won’t tell how exactly it works beforehand as it’s closely tied to the story, companions and treasure hunting, so you have this part to explore for yourselves.

    In other new additions: the tavern, where players can buy rare collectible weapons and get rid of their prisoners; new town screen and new ‘governor’ construction system now, when you govern a town, you get access to its special town buildings.

    We also updated the siege location. Now attacking and defending sides don’t clash with each other in a narrow bottleneck. We think this should help making the town sieges a bit more challenging.

    Now, what can you expect next? First of all, more siege locations. We finished working on the small siege constructor and will soon fill the game with different fortress variations.

    After that we’d like to add some quite intriguing nationalities and their special troops. Which exactly? We’ll talk about that a bit later.

    We consider our main goal of making the game as stable as possible achieved. Despite the huge stress on the engine, greatly increased quality and quantity of in-game models, the game doesn’t take more than 1,7 Gb in memory. Based on this, we can safely continue working on the game without much trouble.

    We still look forward to hearing your feedback and ideas, and we read every post we see here, on Steam forums or on newly created TaleWorlds sub-forum.

    A big thanks to everyone who supported us during Early Access! We really hope you’ll like the game. ""
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Discussion in 'PiratesAhoy! News' started by Red Back Dude, Feb 21, 2015.

  1. Pieter Boelen
    On GOG? Is it an old game already? :cheeky
    Red Back Dude likes this.
  2. Red Back Dude
    The game has actually improved ALOT its pretty impressive i am having fun with it :)
  3. Bartolomeu o Portugues
    Of course, compared with the Buildmod, the battle fields are much more interesting : the cavalry, the number of soldiers, the possibility of giving orders to your troops, attack of the forts. But in other aspects, the buildmod is superior. And this trend will continue with the future features that will be added to the buildmod over the next months.
    Anyway, as M&B fan, certainly I'll play this game.
    Let's look for the most interesting points of this game to try to improve again the buildmod.:)
    Red Back Dude likes this.
  4. Red Back Dude
    The ship combat is where Caribbean! totally falls apart sadly but on land and boarding it's very good.
  5. Bartolomeu o Portugues
    Indeed, the M&B combat feature is a strong point of this game :yes
    I don't know if HoO could have this kind of feature...
  6. Red Back Dude
    Actually just saw that M&Blade War Band is on sale for a few dollars so i picked it up :onya
  7. Pieter Boelen
    I hope so. Eventually.
    When it comes to any complicated things, it would probably be easier to work that into HoO than PotC.
  8. Flannery
    I will back every comment said here til now. I was kind of surprised no-one had mentioned its release yet, as I was actually just now popping in here to see if it had been mentioned, or else I would pretty much do so myself...:p

    I am a HUGE M&B fan, which have clocked more than 5000 hours with the M&B series over the years. And BOY do I love the modding community for them :)
    Its a game that still holds to be one of the greatest games of all times, and I still play it allot. It just never gets old...:p - Especially with all the incredible mods that are out there!!

    I have already since Friday 20th February clocked 29 hours with Caribbean! - and I must say it gets rather repetitive....
    There are SO many of the original and intended features missing, many of the basic M&B ones are gone to, lessening the experience... But of course, the land based battles are fun.

    But you could pretty much get M&B Warband, and download one of the hundreds of mods that are by FAR superior to the land based battles with line fighting with muskets and sabers.

    The thrilling fact of game was that M&B FINALLY got its "mod" where you could sail the seas and be what you wanted to be (as in all M&B games) - Pirate, Merchant or Navy.
    You can call this a game all you want, but to me personally it is nothing but a M&B mod which had a great idea behind it, but failed miserably to deliver.
    Yes - except for the land based battles - The Buildmod is by FAR more immerse and challenging.

    I have started Carribbean! thrice now, and each time I have managed to acquire myself 1-2 extra sloops within the first 10 minutes, and basically after that, I can easily board and take over cargo after cargo convoys with Tons of Tons of loot (those poor Dutchmen gets it all the time...:p) - making me stinking rich after only about 1 hours play.

    Its not hard enough being a Pirate, not rewarding enough to be a merchant, and not interesting enough to be a conqueror of lands.
    The forts do not offer anything that the regular M&B Warband towns and forts does do better.
    The map is 2D, the towns are static and cannot be entered. ANd they all look the same on the screen.

    THIS GAME IS NOTHING MORE THAN A EARLY ACCESS - And they should have sold it as one, not a release

    Still though... I have clocked 29 hours til now, and will probably clock 29 more this week...:p But purely because I am a M&B fan + this "mod" also reminds me somewhat of my years with Pirates Of The Burning Sea - and It had its glory days, so there is a sentimental value to this...
  9. Flannery
    I will add though - IF this is as moddable as the normal M&B games, I am sure we have ALLOT of fun coming our way when the communities grab a hold of Caribbean :p

    IF they grab a hold of it....

    I highly doubt open realtime sailing as you lot managed to code into the buildmod will ever be a possibility in Caribbean! - I will not stop dreaming about it though ;)
    I do hope they at least add BIGGER sailing scenes/instances (if possible with the engine) and more variety to it, with islands and so you can use it for tactical moves.

    But if you look at all the promised features that got cut away... I think you all see why I do not have much trust in the future for Caribbean! :/
  10. Pieter Boelen
    Shame. I don't know much of it, but by the sounds of it there IS a lot of potential there. :yes
  11. Bartolomeu o Portugues
    Could you give me a list of your favourite M&B warband mods?
  12. Flannery
    I most certainly will :)

    My absolute two favourites are: Floris and Brytenwalda, I wish they could merge the two for the ultimate M&B mod...:p

    There are a few features especially with the Floris mod I love. Especially the one where you can play as a single normal soldier in a chosen kings army - and slowly build up your wealth that way, and buy land and cultivate it.

    Brytenwalda takes you back to the British isles of old - short after the fall of the Roman Empire. There is allot of attention to detail with this mod, and I pretty much love the fact that they added the feature of going hunting for anything from deer, goats and even wolves - and being able to use the meat and hide for food and merch. They have also given religion attention, making it possible to live as the old Picts, become a christian or a more Celtic approach. The religion and your standing with it will also affect your accessibility to towns and cities. They have put in important historic sites as big monasteries, Hadrian's Wall, Important places for the druids like the Stonhenge - all possible to visit.

    You can also sack the monasteries for riches (pretty much live as a viking ;) )
    Other mods i like to play:
    - Anno Domini 1257
    - A new Dawn
    - A clash of Kings (Game of Thrones Mod)

    There are many more that are worth trying - and new ones still pop up each day :)

    Have a look at ModDb's site for it, and have a go at them one by one ;)
    Thagarr likes this.
  13. Red Back Dude
    I actually bought M&B warband and the Napoleonic module for it and have been playing on the 63e regiment siege server (one with highest population i could find) it is awesome :onya
  14. Hylie Pistof
    What engine is this on? Does it support multithreads?
  15. Red Back Dude
    It is on the mount and blade war band engine and i have no idea i would have to try look it up.
  16. Bartolomeu o Portugues
    Thanks Flannery and Red Back Dude :onya
    Yes, I regularly check the modDB site and see in the Top 100 many M&B warband mods.
    In my case, I play Europe 1200, Crusader Deus Vult and Assassin Creed Mod. All old mods. Recently, I played a bit the Suvarnabhumi Mahayuth mod but I don't really like guns in a M&B warband mod.:unsure

    Now, I'm waiting for Hispania 1200 that would be released this spring.

    Anyway, thank you for your suggestions, I'll test some of them :yes
  17. Flannery
    @Bartolomeu o Portugues
    I played Europe 1200 a good while as well :)

    And yeah - I am also one of those who like Bows and Arrows more than guns ;)
    Hence why I never have bought the Napoleonic Module, although I have seen it and hear it is awesome ;)

    I did buy the Vikings Module, created by the people behind Brytenwalda - and although it was a very good one, I still prefer the original Brytenwalda version :)

    @Hylie Pistof
    If it supports Multithreads, I do see a possibility for some great achievements for it.
    I do not understand why they have removed sooo many of the things that makes M&B such a great game for its time, and still keep it interesting today.

    This is an observation on the result and NOTHING based on any facts at all - but the game looks a little like it lost all its assets makers midway, and the coders were left to just put together what was left and do what they could with it.

    Hence why you have no towns to walk in like in M&B
    Hence why you have no Scenes/Instances with variations like coastlines or small islands
    Hence why there is very little variation to the ship models, as they reuse models for different ship types, which throws me off quite a deal.
    Hence why they have little variation to the forts and towns
    Hence they have a 2D map, instead of the M&B 3D map
    Hence the map size is rather small when you think of land movement, even for sea movement
    (Or you could say that the Player/AI Land marker and Player/AI Ship markers are to big)
    Hence why it is lacking female characters in general, not only as playable characters, which M&B HAS!

    And there are tons of other things that have been left out from their road map, and initial idea
    of the devs.

    But I will say it again... I will keep playing it - But not for long periods at a time, as it soon gets boring from lacking features that keeps you hooked a looong period of time
  18. Bartolomeu o Portugues
    Yes, Brytenwalda is one of the best M&B warband mods. I need to play it :unsure
    I'm going to see some youtube videos about the mods you talked about...
  19. Bartolomeu o Portugues
    About Brytenwalda, I read the requirements are high :unsure (At least for my old PC :rolleyes:)

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