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2014 Mod of the Year has begun!

Discussion in 'PiratesAhoy! News' started by Thagarr, Dec 1, 2014.

  • by Thagarr, Dec 1, 2014 at 3:22 PM
  • Thagarr

    Thagarr Pining for the Fjords! Staff Member Administrator Creative Support Storm Modder News Gatherer Hearts of Oak Donator

    Jan 1, 1970
    CNC Machine Operator
    Steeler Country
    December 1, 2014 - The 13th Annual Mod of the Year Awards kicked off today on Mod DB, a celebration of the years finest picked by the community. For the next 4 weeks players votes will determine the top 100 which will be announced on 11th December and winner on 29th December. In 2014 G2A.COM joins as the major sponsor, offering 1000 €3 giftcards to voters picked at random.

    After amassing 141,000 votes in 2013, who will join Just Cause 2: Multiplayer last years winner, which now sits alongside Natural Selection the inaugural 2002 victor and many others in the Hall of Fame. With mods seeing a major resurgence in recent years in the form of user-generated content, we expect every vote to count.

    Until January 1st join us in celebrating all that is great about modders making our games better and crazier by participating and voting to decide the top 100, and the overall ultimate winner.

    For information about how to vote and a live scoreboard head to the awards homepage.

    You can vote New Horizons from our ModDB Homepage HERE!

    While your at it, head on over to our IndieDB page and vote for Hearts of Aok for Indie of the Year!
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2014
    Red Back Dude likes this.


Discussion in 'PiratesAhoy! News' started by Thagarr, Dec 1, 2014.

  1. Hylie Pistof
    Good timing! I was just there and voted.

    Where did we end up last year? Methinks we made the top 100.
  2. Pieter Boelen
    Yes, we did. Should definitely aim for another public release before the end of the year then, eh?

    And we have to keep pushing for publicity on Hearts of Oak too, while we're at it.
    Hylie Pistof likes this.
  3. Thagarr
    Working on that now ...I am slow and old remember!

    What do ya think mates, Is that banner on the notices too big?
    Hylie Pistof likes this.
  4. Pieter Boelen
    Was just thinking out loud....

    Uhm... It is indeed a little bit on the incredibly huge side.... :rolleyes:
  5. Thagarr
    Better? Unfortunately, the huge one is the only one with the countdown. :facepalm
  6. Pieter Boelen
    Does seem more civilized. Though I admit I did like the timer.
  7. Thagarr
    I am attempting to add a simple Java script timer above the logos, but it seems to only be showing up part of the time. Is anyone else seeing them?
  8. Hylie Pistof
    Here or MODDB?

    Here the timer shows over mod of the year but not over indie of the year.
  9. Thagarr
    Here, should be above the smaller icons. I can only see it on the first ModDB notice, and then only if I am logged out. The Indie notice isn't showing up for some reason. :facepalm

    Are you seeing it while you are logged in mate?
  10. Hylie Pistof
    You clock is 2 hours behind the MODDB clock.
    Thagarr likes this.
  11. Bartolomeu o Portugues
    Yes :yes
    I can see it in the MODDB banner.
    Thagarr likes this.
  12. Thagarr
    Thanks mates! Strange ...I can only see it when I am logged out, but nothing in the IndieDB notice? Just the small logo? The first instance of the Java script on the ModDB notice must be overriding the second.

    I'll work on it more when I get back ...time for work, ugh! :modding
  13. Pieter Boelen
    I have a timer on the MotY but not the IotY while logged in.
  14. Thagarr
    I think I figured out most of the problem, I can see it while logged in now too. Still gotta work on the hour and timezone differences though.
  15. Red Back Dude
    I have been very sick the last few days but now i can sit up straight linked it all up on facebook! :onya
    Pieter Boelen likes this.
  16. Armada
    Looks like that link goes nowhere. :wp

    I would probably put both the Mod and Indie of the Year logos on the same banner to reduce the number of banners we've got in rotation.
    Plus, the countdown timer applies to both votes, so you'd only need one to work properly.

    In some ways, I'd feel quite bad asking people to vote for HoO since we haven't actually released anything yet, but if people want to show their support anyway, that's still encouraging for the developers. :dance
    Pieter Boelen likes this.
  17. Pieter Boelen
    I don't think we'll have another Build Mod release before the end of the countdown. So we'll probably have to skip this year.

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